Windows Multimedia Support and Guides: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & User Guides For Your Windows Multimedia PC

With modern technological advancements, impressive download speeds and super fast Internet connectivity, the age of interactive multimedia is here. Slick visuals, seamless graphics and phenominal sound make the Windows PC the perfect platform for all your multimedia needs. Here we take a look at how your Windows PC can deliver an outstanding multimedia experience. With hints, tips, user guides and troubleshooting discussions we take a look at such products as Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Player, and everything else that makes Windows such a robust and feature rich environment on which to play video and listen to audio. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Free Religious Easter Wallpaper

With Easter coming quickly, you may want to start finding the perfect religious Easter wallpaper for your desktop. In this guide, I will list some of the best free religious Easter wallpaper online.

Free Puppy Wallpaper for Windows

Puppy wallpapers are so adorable. They also make a nice addition to any computer. It doesn’t matter if you are a dog lover or not, these are absolutely adorable. In this guide, you will find five free puppy dog wallpapers you can use on your desktop.

Changing the iTunes Desktop Icon

Windows allows users to personalize every aspect of their computer. The options range from unique backgrounds, color schemes or wallpaper. Why not do the same thing with iTunes? Personalization of your desktop icons allows users to get away from the generic musical note icon setup by iTunes.

Using iTunes 64-Bit: Tips and Tricks

iTunes 64-Bit is specifically meant for Windows 64-Bit users. This article will cover how to download, install and use iTunes with some useful tips and tricks. We’ll also learn how to import files into iTunes from CDs and other sources.