Windows Multimedia Support and Guides: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & User Guides For Your Windows Multimedia PC

With modern technological advancements, impressive download speeds and super fast Internet connectivity, the age of interactive multimedia is here. Slick visuals, seamless graphics and phenominal sound make the Windows PC the perfect platform for all your multimedia needs. Here we take a look at how your Windows PC can deliver an outstanding multimedia experience. With hints, tips, user guides and troubleshooting discussions we take a look at such products as Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Player, and everything else that makes Windows such a robust and feature rich environment on which to play video and listen to audio. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

How to Use Your HP Thin Client as a Music Jukebox.

So, you want a jukebox for your home or business. You have, or are thinking about getting, a HP Thin Client. Perfect! In this article, I will give you my product recommendations, a list of needed hardware/software, and a functional design model to go from “Client” to “Block Rockin’ Sound Machine!”

How Can I Make Desktop Wallpaper for Windows 7 Smaller

So, you need to make your Windows desktop wallpaper smaller. That is no problem, I can surely help you with that. Sometimes wallpaper is too large for your desktop and shrinking it may be your only option. In this guide, I will show you how to make wallpaper smaller using different programs.

10 Free Surfing Desktop Wallpapers

If you are a surfer or a fan of surfing, you will probably want to find yourself a great wallpaper for your desktop with a surfing theme. In this guide, you will find 10 really awesome surfing backgrounds you can use for free. Some of these are actual photos that were taken and others were created.

Where to Find Blue Wallpaper for Your Desktop

There is just something about blue wallpaper. It is relaxing, beautiful and often soothing to look at. If you are a fan of the color blue and looking for that perfect wallpaper to set as your desktop background, take a look at the wallpapers in this guide.

Music Wallpaper for Windows Users

If you are a lover of music, you will surely enjoy the wallpapers in this guide. This guide will provide you with some of the best music wallpaper available for free. I will also provide you with help on how to use them.

Free 3D Wallpaper for Windows Desktops

If you are in search of some cool 3D wallpaper, I can help you. There are quite a few different types of wallpaper in this guide with a 3D look. Check out each of them to see if there is something you would love to add to your desktop.

Free Waterfall Wallpaper for Windows Desktops

There is just something relaxing about a waterfall. What better way is there to relax at your computer than with a beautiful waterfall desktop wallpaper. In this guide, you will find a set of beautiful waterfall backgrounds you can use for your computer that will take your breath away.

Install Missing Windows Media Player Codecs

Missing codecs can make video files not play, play without showing the video or cause them to play out of synch with their audio component. This article describes how to determine which codecs are missing and how to find and install them.