Windows Live Services, Tips, Tweaks and Troubleshooting: Optimizing Your Online Experience With The Windows Live Suite

Windows Live is a collection of online services and software applications from Microsoft which operate independently or combine seamlessly to offer an enriched online presence for the end user or group. Windows Live aims to ‘Connect, Share and Protect’ and as such the product and service portfolio covers many PC user requirements. From Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Spaces, OneCare, Hotmail and Writer. In this topic we take a look at the very latest developments in the Windows Live suite, and explore those services that are well established. Offering hints, tips and troubleshooting techniques to help make your PC and web presence run safer and faster, while giving you control over your shared resources and communications.

Getting it Done with Windows Live

Want to edit a photo or chat with friends? No problem. Need to check your emails or backup vital files? No problem! Looking for a way to edit videos or control how your computer is used by minors? Not a problem – it’s all possible with Windows Live Essentials.

Your Guide to Office 2010 Live

The migration to the cloud continues apace, and Microsoft makes it possible to create and access documents and files with Office 2010 Web Apps, a browser based version of Microsoft Office!

How to Turn Off Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a great IM application, unless it is interrupting you or causing problems with your system. There are many ways to disable this communication tool, whether you want to use it later or never want to see it again.

Fixing Common Windows Live Mail Errors

There are several reasons why Windows Live Mail errors might occur. You might have a problem with the app itself or with your internet connectivity. Various error codes can help in explaining these problems – but other issues are not as easy to resolve.