Windows Hosting & FTP Server Discussion: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & Support For Your Windows Hosted Services

Here in the Bright Hub ‘Windows Hosting & FTP Server’ topic we aim to provide reviews of the best (and worst) solutions on the market, offer web hosting guidance, troubleshooting tips and reviews of the different options available for enterprise and home hosting. We also look at the capabilities of Windows as a hosting service platform. Providing users and administrators with the information to choose, implement and maintain websites using the ever popular Windows OS and combining technologies such as Perl, AJAX, ASP.Net, SQL and XML. We discuss Shared Windows Hosting, platform control, resource allocation, and creation and administration of all your hosting needs.

Introduction To Java Programming – The Series

This is the first in a series of articles designed to teach Java programming to the complete beginner. Absolutely no programming background is assumed. Here, we briefly describe what you can expect to find in each article and we explain the first three stages of the programming process.

Java: Data, Variable, Algorithm

In this article, we continue to explain the programming process in Java. We first explain the concepts of “data” and “variable” and then show how to write an “algorithm” for solving the sample problem.

Google Takes On Microsoft: The Service Strategy

“The good guys, that’s us, chase the bad guys, and they don’t always wear black hats.” – Col. Davoe, The Peacemaker.

Google isn’t wearing a black hat, but does that make them the good guys? Does it matter? Aren’t you getting better, faster, FREE software out of this deal? There is more coming.

Microsoft Battles Google With A Solid Strategy

“When you get served, and then you dance back, then it’s on. Don’t you kids know anything?” – Chef, Southpark. —–

Google complained when Microsoft put MSN in as the default search engine in IE 7.0. Google released free online applications that are just like office. Oh, yeah, it’s on.

Microsoft Battles Google – Film at Eleven

In this corner in the blue, yellow, red, and green trunks weighing in at a 90% desktop operating system share is Miiiiiicroooooosoooffftttt! And in the other corner in the white trunks with blue links with a two-thirds search share is Gooooooooglllllllllle!