Windows Hosting & FTP Server Discussion: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & Support For Your Windows Hosted Services

Here in the Bright Hub ‘Windows Hosting & FTP Server’ topic we aim to provide reviews of the best (and worst) solutions on the market, offer web hosting guidance, troubleshooting tips and reviews of the different options available for enterprise and home hosting. We also look at the capabilities of Windows as a hosting service platform. Providing users and administrators with the information to choose, implement and maintain websites using the ever popular Windows OS and combining technologies such as Perl, AJAX, ASP.Net, SQL and XML. We discuss Shared Windows Hosting, platform control, resource allocation, and creation and administration of all your hosting needs.

Correcting Windows Vista Hosts Files

This article explains the purpose of the Windows Host file, including editing or correcting Host file entries. This article applies to Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Users of Windows Vista need to know, and will be shown how to make modifications to the host file using Notepad in administrator mode.

How to Find Windows Hosting Providers

Windows web hosting providers tend to look the same with more or less same level of storage space and bandwidth being offered. If the features look so similar, how does one differentiate amongst them! You want to pick the right one to launch your project! Read more to find out.

How to Setup Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in VirtualBox

Need to setup a SQL Server but don’t have the hardware? You can setup a database server and use virtualization to expand your server farm without any additional hardware. This tutorial shows how to setup a Microsoft SQL Server in VirtualBox on Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

Virtual Private Servers for Web Hosting

Shared hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, virtual private hosting, Linux hosting, Windows hosting, and co-location are terms that you hear when looking for a service provider. How do you choose the right option unless the terms mean something to you? Read on to understand the VPS choice.

How to Install Windows 7 on Virtual PC vs. VirtualBox

Need to load an operating system and test it? Home users and businesses can load an operating system within an operating system by using Microsoft’s Virtual PC or Sun’s VirtualBox. With both offering dozens of features, this article explores the use and advantages of each application.