Windows Hosting & FTP Server Discussion: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & Support For Your Windows Hosted Services

Here in the Bright Hub ‘Windows Hosting & FTP Server’ topic we aim to provide reviews of the best (and worst) solutions on the market, offer web hosting guidance, troubleshooting tips and reviews of the different options available for enterprise and home hosting. We also look at the capabilities of Windows as a hosting service platform. Providing users and administrators with the information to choose, implement and maintain websites using the ever popular Windows OS and combining technologies such as Perl, AJAX, ASP.Net, SQL and XML. We discuss Shared Windows Hosting, platform control, resource allocation, and creation and administration of all your hosting needs.

How do you install Windows Sharepoint Services?

SharePoint is a collaborative program that is installed on a Microsoft server, like server 2003 or server 2008. It allows administrators to have a central point, a “sharepoint” for running some project management controls or document services operations. Installation is easy and straightforward. Rea

301 Permanent Redirects in IIS 7.0 and Apache

With both Apache and IIS, you can implement a 301 redirect to avoid losing your page rank in Google and other search engines. Learn how to implement permanent redirection of web pages, directories, and domains to new locations on the Web using Apache Web Server and IIS 7.

Windows Server 2003 Secure FTP – Setup Instructions

The need for secure FTP cannot be avoided as users need to exchange files. Whether on corporate Intranet or the Internet, you need users to be able to upload/download documents. Yet, these facilities have to be secure to protect your IT infrastructure. You can set up secure FTP easily.

Windows Virtual Server Hosting – An Informative Guide

Windows based virtual private hosting is important if you are looking to host a website in the Windows environment and want a reasonable priced solution. This article looks at how the VPS works, what the important specifications are, and a few typical service providers are pointed out at the end.

Using Microsoft’s Virtual Machine: Part 1

Having a computer inside of a computer can help you trouble shoot many problems before they go into a production environment. Microsoft Virtual Machines will allow you to create virtual networks inside your computer, or load applications or software.