Windows Vista Support

  • Help! Windows 7 States an Unidentified Network

    Having problems with Windows 7 describing your local wireless network as "unidentified"? This is a common problem that can easily be fixed by following these simple steps!
    By Christian Cawley April 28, 2010 

  • Understanding the Windows 7 File System

    The WinFS file system has been in development for years - yet the Windows 7 file system is NTFS, even though it works in a much different way than earlier versions of NTFS seen in Windows XP and Windows 2000.
    By Christian Cawley April 27, 2010 

  • Schedule an Auto Shutdown in Windows 7

    You dread the lag your computer experiences when you run a virus scan, defrag or other utility, but you don't like to leave it on all night, either. Learn how to set up Windows 7 auto shutdown so you can walk away knowing your computer will shut down...
    By Tricia Goss April 27, 2010 

  • Windows 7 Firewall Rules Explained

    Windows 7 features the best onboard firewall tool to date, offering a comprehensive set of options and even advanced settings that can be customized to tailor the behaviour of applications and ports.
    By Christian Cawley April 27, 2010 

  • Windows 7 Background Slideshow Instructions

    With Windows 7, you are no longer relegated to boring, static desktop backgrounds. You can create a slideshow using images provided by Windows or your own digital pictures. Learn how to create and edit a Windows 7 background slideshow.
    By Tricia Goss April 27, 2010 

  • How to Customize the Windows 7 Taskbar

    Even though the taskbar in Windows 7 looks and acts quite differently than it did in previous versions of Windows, you can still customize Windows 7 taskbar.
    By Tricia Goss March 31, 2010 

  • Set Up Windows 7 to Automatically Log On

    Windows 7 requires that you log on with your user account information each time you start your computer. If you wish to bypass this step, learn how to set up Windows 7 auto login.
    By Tricia Goss March 31, 2010 

  • Troubleshooting Windows 7: Aero Peek is Not Working

    Windows 7 offers many cool new features and Aero Peek is one of them. Learn what Aero Peek is, how to use it and how to troubleshoot Windows 7 Aero Peek not working.
    By Tricia Goss March 30, 2010 

  • Uninstall or Disable Windows Defender

    Windows Defender is intended to protect your computer from spyware and other malicious programs. If you do not like or want to use Windows Defender, however, you have options depending on your operating system. Find out how to uninstall Windows Defender...
    By Tricia Goss March 29, 2010 

  • Office 2010 Jump Lists

    Windows 7 jump lists are right-click menus that make it easier to find what you are looking for. Learn about Office 2010 jump lists, including what they display and how to customize them.
    By Tricia Goss March 29, 2010 
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