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Microsoft Excel is a proprietary spreadsheet application that has grown to become a very powerful and highly configurable feature rich application. Delivering advanced calculations, graphics, pivot tables, macro's, reporting tools and low level programming language manipulation. Now the MS Excel application is more comprehensive and resilient than ever. Here we provide you with a wealth of Microsoft Excel troubleshooting tips, user guides and support, to cover all levels of ability.

Microsoft Excel Help: Arrange Windows To See Two Or More Open Workbooks

Problem: You have two workbooks open. One workbook contains a listing of airport codes and their respective cities. In the other workbook, you are building a list of recommended packing items for students going on seven-city tours. Currently, you are shifting back and forth between the workbooks, using Alt+Tab every time that you forget an airport code. It would be cool if you could see the airline codes at the same time you were working on the other workbook.