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  • A History of Microsoft Outlook: From MS-DOS to Office 2010

    Microsoft Outlook began life as a bundled component of Microsoft Exchange 5.5 - yet within 10 years it had been released in a free version, added to Microsoft Office and even given targeted releases for teachers and students.
    By Christian Cawley May 29, 2010 

  • The Advantages of Microsoft Office Training and Certification

    If you are thinking about getting trained in Microsoft Office as a way to boost your career, or just to expand your skills, then check out this guide to getting trained.
    By KateG May 27, 2010 

  • Benefits of Being a Microsoft Certified Partner: Promote Your Brand and Its Programming Capabilities

    Being a Microsoft Certified Partner is just not another endorsement, as it takes more than just the ordinary to become an MS partner. By becoming a certified partner, you can heavily promote your brand name and the capabilities of your organization.
    By Om Thoke May 25, 2010 

  • Top 3 Different OS for Desktops

    Which operating system should you choose for your desktop? Take a look at three of the best operating systems currently available from Windows, Mac and Linux to decide which is best for you.
    By C.D. Crowder April 30, 2010 

  • Guide to Windows 7 Certification Practice Tests

    To prepare for a Windows 7 certification exam, there are a variety of study aids available. One can take a course in the material, take a course using an online Internet mechanism, or purchase study guides. But probably the most relevant to the exam itself...
    By George Garza April 7, 2010 

  • Windows 7 Certification Study Guide

    It's a strange world where a college degree in IT is no guarantee of an IT job. But that is the state of affairs we are living in. Today many companies want individuals that have certifications in an IT specialty. It could be on hardware, software...
    By George Garza April 4, 2010 

  • How to Change Your Office 2010 Product Key

    Planning to upgrade from Office 2010 beta? Perhaps you learned that you entered an incorrect product key when you installed the suite. No matter the reason, in Office 2010, changing the product key is simple.
    By Tricia Goss March 26, 2010 

  • How to Make My Windows 98 PC Look Like Vista

    You may wonder why people ask how to make Windows 98 look like Vista. It is a fact that many people are still using Windows 98 and are reluctant to upgrade. Still, they want the GUI of Vista. The answer lies in themes for Windows 98.
    By Arun Kumar (PowercutIN) March 22, 2010 

  • Explore Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student

    Due for release in June of this year, Office 2010 Home and Student is destined to once again be the most popular edition of Microsoft’s new productivity software. Read a review of Office 2010 Home and Student and see if this is the edition for you...
    By John Garger March 10, 2010 

  • Five of the Best Ever Microsoft Office Apps for Windows

    Microsoft has brought us a succession of superb Microsoft Office releases since the mid 1990s, each with a standout version of some of the most famous names in office software.
    By Christian Cawley March 7, 2010 
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