Digital Secure Disk Review: Hard-drive disk protection, encryption security, and data security software


Recently, a friend accidentally left his notebook computer at the library, and had confidential work info on it. He told me he came back for it later and didn’t worry about whether anyone used it because he had Digital Secure Disk on it.

I never leave my notebook computer anywhere unsafe but I do have roommates and coworkers who I don’t want accessing certain files on my computer when I’m not there. So I decided to try out the Digital Secure Disk program.

Security & Privacy (5 out of 5)

I have a lot of work and personal data that is sensitive and private to me. Some of it, I don’t care if people see, but other stuff (like my financial records, for example) shouldn’t be viewed without my permission. Besides, there are some things that just aren’t anyone’s business but mine. The beauty of Digital Secure Disk is that it blocks off part of my hard drive as if it is its own “separate” secure hard disk drive. In actuality, it’s all part of my regular drive. But the protected section is not accessible to anyone but me.

Installation & Setup (5 out of 5)

Installing the program was about as simple as it gets. Just put the disk in and follow the on-screen instructions. Below are screen shots that step through the installation. [See images 1 through 5]

User Interface (4 out of 5)

I like how easy this program is to use. When I need to save or access my private files, I just log on to my secure disk and I’m in. [See image 6]If someone else tries to get on my computer and view my personal files they will be totally locked out unless they have my login information. The nice thing is that a friend, family member, or coworker can still use my computer without being able to access my personal files (accidentally or deliberately).

Setting up and using Digital Secure Disk is a breeze compared to dealing with the half-baked login settings in XP. Sometimes I would swear Microsoft wants to make it hard for the average person to set up security in Windows. Digital Secure Disk makes the whole process a snap, so I can spend my time on what matters to me (like working and surfing the Net) rather than figuring out Windows login settings.

Product Features (4 out of 5)

Hard Disk Protection The protection that Digital Secure Disk gives me is awesome. It is as effective as encrypting your entire hard drive, without actually have having to do that. (That would be a long and strenuous process.) As I said before, not all of my files need to be protected. Things like basic programs that I've installed (Program Files) and my desktop are no secret. Those don’t need encryption and I don’t mind if people who use my computer have access to basic things like that. What’s important to me is that I have the ability to make certain files private without a hassle.

Digital Secure Disk does exactly that. Encryption Security Performance As I mentioned, the software is easy to use. I set it and forget it, meaning it doesn’t take over my computer (like annoying programs such as antivirus do). It doesn’t have pop ups or irritating add-ins. It’s simple and streamlined—and isn’t that the idea? I want a program to help me, not to become an added burden.

Digital Secure Disk does exactly what it’s supposed to and that alone is worth the price of the software. It also takes up only 15 megs of RAM and 10 megs of hard disk space. That is minuscule compared to the size of hard drives and RAM capacity today. It’s almost like it’s not even there.

But when I need it most, it is obvious to me the program is there and doing what it’s supposed to. That is what I call peace of mind. I choose how much or how little gets protected. I can create a virtual drive that is unlimited in size. I could have over 100 gigabytes of files totally secure, which only I can access.


Installation of Digital Secure Disk
Installation of Digital Secure Disk
Installation of Digital Secure Disk
Installation of Digital Secure Disk
Installation of Digital Secure Disk
Login Screen of Digital Secure Disk

Suggested Features

To date, Digital Secure Disk is not Vista compatible. Many people have shifted gears to Windows Vista and missing this feature means they can't take advantage of the kind of security Digital Secure Disk offers.


Digital Secure Disk is a program I highly recommend. I’m no computer expert and yet found this program easy to install and use each day. It adds the level of hard disk protection I need.

Digital Secure Disk gives me total data security and offers the kind of data encryption I would expect to have to encrypt my entire drive (without having to actually do so). This software does one thing and does it well. Thumbs up!

You can buy Digital Secure Disk at SafeIT's website for $49.95

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