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Solving Windows 7 Problems

written by: •edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 5/24/2011

Let's look at some of the common issues people face while using the latest Microsoft OS and try to resolve some of these Windows 7 problems.

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    Windows 7 Problems - Dealing with Installation Issues

    Fig 1 - Windows 7 Problems People may face Windows 7 problems even when they are trying to install the new operating system. Upon successful installation, activating the operating system can be among cause Windows 7 problems.

    Most often, the Windows 7 installation problems are related to the installation DVD or to the lens in the DVD drive. The most common error you get while installing Windows 7 to a computer is the one that says - 'Cannot copy required files to the Disk'. Another error message you might get while Windows 7 installation is that Windows cannot find the related Disk Drive.

    The above problems can be fixed by cleaning the DVD and the lens of the DVD drive. You can use a soft cloth and distilled water to clean the Windows 7 Installation DVD. For the DVD lens, use a reliable lens cleaner. For more information on dealing with Windows 7 problems related to installation, please check out our article on Solving Windows 7 Installation Problems.

    There might be plenty of reasons why you face problems while activating Windows 7. These include incorrect key, incorrect upgrades, and more. If you are having this problem, please read our article on Solving Windows 7 Activation Problems.

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    Windows 7 Problems - Network Issues

    Windows 7 problems often include the inability to find printers and shared devices on a network. Sometimes a Windows network is also unable to access the Internet. Another major Windows 7 problem is with Bluetooth access.

    The inability to access the Internet is attributed to incorrect configuration in most of the cases. The Firewall you are using can also be a problem when detecting the Internet device and hence failure while connecting to the Internet. Among other problems, the browser may not be configured correctly especially if you are using IE8. Our article, Solving Problems Connecting to the Internet helps you isolate the issue and hence, connect to the Internet.

    If you are able to connect to the Internet using other programs but not IE8, you can use this ready to use fix to solve common IE8 problems on Windows 7. Just download the code file and when prompted to save, select All File Types (*.*) in the File Type box and type in IE8.bat in the Filename box so that the text file is stored as an executable code file. Once done, you can double click on the file to fix several of the common problems of IE8 on Windows 7. Better still, I would recommend you to upgrade to IE9 if you are using Windows 7. The Internet Explorer 9 works best with the new operating system and you won't get many issues. However, you may have to run several sites in compatibility mode. To run a site in compatibility mode, click the icon just next to the address bar. It looks like a torn paper.

    In this section of Windows 7 problems, we covered the Internet Issues and Internet Explorer 8 issues. Please turn to the next page for more on the Windows 7 issues related to Network Devices and Bluetooth incompatibility. We will then discuss some more common Windows 7 problems related to the Desktop and so on.

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    Windows 7 Problems - More on Windows 7 Network Issues

    Continuing the previous section on Windows 7 problems where it cannot detect printers and other shared devices, this section will help you troubleshoot the issue. The Windows 7 issue can be attributed to a number of factors. However, if you have all the computers running Windows 7, you can always create a Homegroup, which makes it easy for you to share documents. This is not the case always and most of the times the network is hybrid. When saying a Windows 7 Hybrid network, I mean that the main computer on your network runs Windows 7 while others are running operating systems other than Windows 7. Say, they are running Windows XP or Vista. In such cases, it might be hard for you to locate the network printer from the computer running other operating systems. Our article, What to Do When You Cannot Install a Network Printer on Windows 7, aims to assist you in troubleshooting the problems where you cannot access the shared printer or any other device.

    Another common problem with Windows 7 is Bluetooth connectivity. Most often, the problem lies with device drivers of the accessories that you are trying to connect. Most of the devices may not have a proper device driver installed on Windows 7 to help Bluetooth recognize and connect the device remotely. For more information on troubleshooting Windows 7 Bluetooth problems, please read - Windows 7 Bluetooth Problems Troubleshooting.

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    Other Common Windows 7 Problems

    Among other Windows 7 problems are the difficulty/inability to change backgrounds and Video Playback issues. By default, Microsoft offers only one background in Windows 7 Starter Edition. The Windows 7 Starter Edition is free and comes pre-installed on new PCs and notebooks so that users can have a look at the new OS and upgrade it when satisfied. There is however, a tweak to change the background in Windows 7 Starter Edition. For other editions, Windows 7 background issues may be due to lack of knowledge on part of the users. Microsoft did not provide any particular help topic on this issue. Still, one of our writers helps you troubleshoot Windows 7 backgrounds by studying the Ease of Access Center.

    Coming to inability of displaying videos in Windows 7, the main factor could be that you are running the 64 bit version of the operating system. For proper rendering of images, you need Adobe Flash Player which was not available for the 64 bit OS until a few days ago. Recently, Adobe has released a beta version of Flash Player that helps you render videos on the 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows 7. You can download it from Among other factors responsible for spoiling your video experience on Windows 7 can be the device drivers. Please read Solving Video Problems in Windows 7 to get assistance on fixing the Windows 7 issues.

    Please note that this article is not a comprehensive guide to Windows 7 problems. If you face Windows 7 issues not listed in this article or if you wish to add your own tips and tricks for dealing with the problems listed, please feel free to contact us using the comments section.