Have Windows Update Error 0x8024402c? Here's Some Solutions

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The Windows 0x8024402c Update error is another common error that Windows users are likely to encounter. The error is usually received after the user connects to the Windows server, and tries to update their Windows software. There is no specific reason for receiving this error, i.e. receiving this error can be attributed to various problems that Windows has encountered.

Some reasons why you could be receiving a Windows 0x8024402c Update error could be due to problems associated with normally updating via a VPN, or incorrect Firewall or Proxy settings.

If you are updating your Windows software behind a Proxy or Firewall, it is recommended to first check your settings before connecting to the Windows update server. This is a common reason for many of the error messages that people receive while they are trying to update. If you are using the Windows Firewall, checking your Firewall and Proxy settings can be accomplished by,

  1. Opening up the Control Panel and clicking the Network Connections button.

  2. The Network Connections window will list all the different types of connections your computer makes to the Internet.

  3. If you select the current Internet connection that you are now using, it is then possible to view your Firewall settings.

  4. Right click this Internet connection, and go down to select properties.

  5. This should open a new window called Properties, and it is from here you will be able to press the Advanced button to see your Firewall information.

If you suspect that it is the Windows Firewall that is causing the Windows 0x8024402c Update error, deselect the option to “limit or prevent access to this computer.” In doing so, the Windows Firewall is disabled, and it is now possible to retry downloading your Windows updates. It is also recommended that you only temporarily disable your Windows Firewall until your software is updated, and then enable it again.

One of the best items within computer technology is a virtual private network. It allows users the ability to be at different locations but still connect to a public network to share information. The computer user is able to “virtually” access data through a private network. Therefore, it is possible to encounter problems while trying to update Windows.

This error message is often associated with a computer that is accustomed to updating Windows through a VPN. If you try to update without going through the VPN, then the Windows 0x8024402c Update error can be received. Wait until you are back to work and then update.