Windows Update Errors: 0x8ddd0018- What to Do When You Get It.

Unlike the other Windows errors we have discussed so far, the update 0x8ddd0018 error is due to a specific problem that Microsoft Windows encounters when trying to update. This error message is received when the BITS program is disabled. The 0x8ddd0018 error is usually seen when you have recently upgraded to the Windows XP Service Pack 2.

The Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) was originally created by Microsoft to move files from one computer to another. Its creation meant that computer users did not have to consciously update their software programs. However, it does so in a manner that utilizes idle bandwidth. File transfer using this system will occur in the "background", as the component’s name suggests. While using BITS, your computer should be able to stop and restart the transfer of files, and also notice any changes in the amount of network traffic it is receiving. The BITS program has a built-in component to increase file transfer rate if the network traffic decreases.

As this 0x8ddd0018 error code is specifically in regards to the BITS program, it will likely be a matter of determining if BITS has been enabled on your computer. Before the creation of Windows XP Service pack 2, Microsoft provided the BITS program set to automatically run with BITS components already loaded.

However, with the update to Service Pack 2, it might be necessary for some computers to manually enable file transfers using BITS.

In order to accomplish this,

1. On the desktop, press Start, located in the bottom right hand corner.

2. A window should open. Click Run.

3. Type in the following into the Run Dialog Box, "services.msc"

4. This will open the window that shows a list of all the Local Services contained on your computer.

5. Go down to Background Intelligent Transfer Service, and right click it.

6. Press Properties to open the BITS properties.

7. Look to see if the BITS program has been started; if not, press Start.

8. Also change the startup type from "Disable" to "Manual" and press Apply and OK to exit and save your settings.