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How Can I Convert Mailroom Files To Microsoft Outlook?

written by: •edited by: Brian Nelson•updated: 8/29/2010

The iPhone Mailroom app is a great way to view emails from multiple Gmail accounts. But what if you need to see the same information on your desktop?

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    Mailroom - the Ultimate Gmail App for iPhone

    How to converting Mailroom files to Microsoft Outlook The Mailroom email management app is a great way to check your emails while away from your keyboard.

    Designed for iPhone, this tool logs into multiple Gmail accounts, allowing you instant access to emails and conversations across several email addresses. For instance, you might need to check your personal email account along with your work or website account. Mailroom is perfect for this.

    However, there is no method for converting Mailroom files to Microsoft Outlook – the system is a web based application that basically acts in the same way as multiple browser windows. The advantage of Mailroom is that it is very user friendly, effectively offering all of the available emails and storage afforded by the Gmail accounts you use. Newcomers to this app will need a Gmail account in order to use it - see our guide on How to Setup a Gmail Account to find out just how simple it is.

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    Why Can’t I Convert Mailroom Files to Microsoft Outlook?

    Mailroom files are the same emails you see in your web browser when you browse Gmail. You can open them, reply to them, delete, and save draft replies, as well as forward them – but there is no way to convert the files.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft Outlook is a desktop client which stores your emails in a custom database on the local computer, which it then either adds to as more emails are received and sent, or synchronizes with a remote server.

    What you can do, on the other hand, is access your Gmail account directly via your desktop computer, thus enabling you to open the emails in your Outlook client, perhaps to view them offline or forward them in bulk, something that isn’t possible with Gmail under normal circumstances.

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    How To Setup A Gmail Account in Microsoft Outlook

    It is a simple matter to setup a Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook – and then access your emails directly rather than via Mailroom on your iPhone.

    To begin, login to Gmail via your browser, and go to the Settings page. Next, choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab – here, you will see whether your email is currently setup for POP or IMAP, or both. If you don’t know how to configure Mailroom, it is a good idea not to change these options.

    Using the Configuration Instructions link, you’ll be able to check the correct settings for your version of Outlook. It is also worth mentioning at this point that any number of email clients can be used to access Gmail accounts.

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    Gmail Settings for Microsoft Outlook

    converting mailroom files to Microsoft Outlook - setup POP or IMAP in Gmail Setup your Gmail POP3 settings in Outlook 2010, using the menu item File > Info > Add account and the option Manually configure server settings or additional server types, you can create a new email account, using the following settings:

    Incoming Mail (POP) settings:

    POP server:

    Use SSL

    Port: 995

    Outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings:

    SMTP server:

    Use SSL

    Port: 587

    Use authentication

    When prompted for a username, use the full Gmail account, in the format (or Once you have completed entering this information, click OK to complete the account creation. If you use multiple accounts in Mailroom, simply setup multiple accounts in Outlook. (See How to Setup and Configure Outlook 2010 for more information on getting started with the new Microsoft email client.)

    So – rather than converting Mailroom files to Microsoft Outlook, by following these instructions you can simply open Outlook and view your messages straight away!