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Getting the Most from Picture It! 10's New Features

written by: J. Edward Casteele•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 7/30/2010

Microsoft Picture It! 10 updates the popular image editing software with new features designed to help users create the photos they've always wanted. Automatic tools make red eye removal and color adjustments easy, while a built-in library features makes organizing pictures even easier.

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    Microsoft Picture It!

    Microsoft Picture It Premium 10 Microsoft Picture It! is a popular image editing program designed to be more user-friendly than programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Picture It! features an easy-to-use feature wizard as its primary interface, allowing users to choose the actions they wish to take without having to learn how to accurately use a number of specific tools within the program. Building on a base of features conceived by one of the founders of Pixar, Microsoft's Picture It! became increasingly powerful while keeping its focus on allowing home users to edit their photos and other images easily. The final version of Picture It! that Microsoft released was version 10, with two additional related products (Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 and Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10) released at the same time. For users of previous versions, a Microsoft Picture It! 10 update to their existing software allows access to the most complete and fully-featured version of the program.

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    New Features in Picture It! 10

    The Microsoft Picture It! 10 update to the software incorporated several useful features into the product line. The most useful of these for people who use Picture It! as a means to make minor tweaks to their pictures before organizing them on their computer is the inclusion of the Picture It! Library. The Library allows users to assign keyword tags and star ratings to their pictures, letting them organize pictures according to keyword or by rating so that the pictures can be easily sorted at a later date. For those who only need to make small adjustments to their pictures to remove red eye or similar problems, Autofix tools are included to solve these common problems and also to automatically make adjustments to image color, graininess and other common problems. Autofix even works with pictures taken with cellphones to smooth the rough pixels often associated with them. Picture It! 10 also includes a variety of options to let users share their photos and other images, including options to email the pictures, order prints online or arrange them so that they can easily be printed in multiple sizes on a single page using Auto Collage.

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    Getting the Most Out of Picture It!

    Getting the most out of the Picture It! 10 update is easy. Since the user interface for Picture It! is based on the wizard format, the software does most of the work for you after you tell it what you would like to do. Simply select the appropriate feature and follow the on-screen prompts to make the adjustments that you need. Once you're familiar with Picture It! 10's features you'll be able to use them to make a number of needed adjustments with ease. Use the Picture It! Library to tag pictures for easy organization, then run the Autofix tools to make small adjustments to pictures that need minor tweaks. Access some of the other features of Picture It! as needed to add additional effects such as transparency to make your pictures into exactly what you want them to be.

    Image Credit: Picture It! Premium 10 box art copyright Microsoft Corporation

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