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Need To Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Files?

written by: •edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 6/27/2011

Although a popular and useful format, PowerPoint is bulky and not very portable. Luckily *.ppt files can be converted to PDF or Shockwave format, resulting in much more lightweight presentations.

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    The Benefits of PowerPoint

    Microsoft’s PowerPoint application is a key element of the Office suite, and has been used worldwide on an hourly basis to provide slick presentations via a laptop and LCD projector.

    The problem with these presentations however is that they are quite immediate – unless you are taking notes, much of the information related can be lost. This is why there are many options for printing different formats of the presentation, with space for notes, etc.

    However, there are cases when this is not enough. There are also a few cases when the contents of your presentation don’t align correctly when printed. Furthermore, while presentations can be saved as self-contained applications that can run on any machine, these don’t work on non-Windows operating systems.

    A good way to get around these problems is to convert presentations into other more portable formats – free of charge!


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    Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Free

    Several useful tools for can be used to convert PowerPoint presentations free of charge – given the complexities and potential requirements of a variety of possible target formats, these tools are usually found online.

    Speed is not always available either, so give some thought as to how urgent you need your *.ppt format presentation converted.

    Conversion options can include changing the presentation into a JPG image file, or perhaps a PDF document for use with Adobe Reader – but by far the most popular option is to convert PowerPoint *.ppt format presentations into Shockwave *.swf files.


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    PowerPoint File Conversion Software

    Convert Microsoft PowerPoint files free 

    AuthorPOINT Lite is a great tool for converting presentations to Shockwave formats, and the latter format’s web-friendly profile makes the converted file a much better option for sending via email.

    Suitable for almost any presentation, authorPOINT is a small 5 MB download, which you can find at the website. Using this conversion option retains the various “bells and whistles” of PowerPoint – transitions, animations, etc. – as well allowing alteration of notes, titles and timings.

    Get the most out of the authorPOINT Lite superb free conversion utility by following these steps...


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    Converting Files with AuthorPOINT

    After you have downloaded and installed authorPOINT, you will need to import a presentation file that you wish to convert. This can be done using the Import dialogue that appears as the application is loaded.

    Once the file is imported you can either Import More or Close to continue – authorPOINT features batch conversion processing, particularly useful if you have a large number of PowerPoint files to convert to Shockwave.

    To view as a Shockwave Flash file, choose the View command from the toolbar – otherwise, use the Upload command to save the converted file to a location online.

    Sadly, this is where authorPOINT falls down – if you don’t want to upload, you cannot convert.


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    Other Conversion Options

    One of the best alternative conversion options is This online conversion tool allows you to convert many formats such as documents, images, video and audio. Using ZamZar, a PowerPoint document can be converted to the following:








    It is so easy to do – simply visit, and follow the instructions. This involves using browsing for a suitable file, choosing the conversion file format, entering your email address and clicking convert. Once converted, the file can be accessed via an emailed link.

    One drawback is that you might not wish to receive further emails from – so use an email address that you use for receiving unsolicited messages.