50 Amazing Windows Vista Backgrounds and Wallpapers

16 Wallpaper Vista Variety Pack by tinkupuri

The following 16 wallpapers are all by the artist tinkupuri of Deviant Art and are downloadable as a pack. He did a great job on creating all of them. These wallpapers are available in 1600×1200 and 1920×1200, making them ideal images to use as Windows Vista backgrounds. Although they are featured with the Windows logo below, all 16 of these wallpapers are also available without the logo in the download pack. Here is the official download link for the 16 pack of vista wallpapers.. Be sure to thank him if you choose to use them. Most artists appreciate feedback, as it lets them know that you enjoy their artwork.


Vista Aluminum Withlogo 1600x1200
Vista Copper Withlogo 1600x1200
Vista Graphite Withlogo 1600x1200
Vista RoyaleBlue Withlogo 1600x1200
Vista Lovender Withlogo 1600x1200
Vista MetalBlue Withlogo 1600x1200
Vista Olive Withlogo 1600x1200
Vista Silver Withlogo 1600x1200

SilkyEmbossed Blue Withlogo 1600x1200
SilkyEmbossed Copper Withlogo 1600x1200
SilkyEmbossed Lovender Withlogo 1600x1200
SilkyEmbossed Silver Withlogo 1600x1200
Flat black Withlogo 1600x1200
Flat Blue Withlogo 1600x1200
Flat green Withlogo 1600x1200
Flat orange Withlogo 1600x1200

Vista Wallpapers from Windows Vista Tips and Tricks

Windows Vista Tips and Tricks has a great collection of free Windows Vista backgrounds. Many of them feature the Windows logo, without the "Vista" wording, making them ideal for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Windows Vista Tips and Tricks webpage. Some wallpapers from Vista Tips and Tricks are Windows themed, and others are unbranded, making them ideal as a background on any computer.

windows vista wallpaper 4
windows vista wallpaper 5
windows vista wallpaper 6
windows vista wallpaper 7
windows vista wallpaper 8
windows vista wallpaper 9
windows vista wallpaper 10
windows vista wallpaper 11
windows vista wallpaper 12
windows vista wallpaper 13
windows vista wallpaper 14
windows vista wallpaper 15
windows vista wallpaper 16
windows vista wallpaper 17
windows vista wallpaper 18
windows vista wallpaper 19
windows vista wallpaper 20

Dell + Microsoft Collaboration Wallpaper Product RED

You may have noticed Product RED items before. They are exclusive items, usually manufactured by major companies, that promote the RED campaign which helps to eliminate AIDS in Africa. These wallpapers were released as a Collaboration between Dell and Microsoft as free for use Windows wallpapers. The RED collection includes 6 distinct wallpapers, all red in color, but different in art and design. You can learn more about project RED here. You can learn more about these wallpapers here.

product red
red dell 2
red dell 3
red dell 4
red dell 5
red dell 6

Vista Wallpaper Archive

Vista Wallpaper Archive is a great website that has hundreds of different free wallpapers to choose from. Here are the top Windows Vista Wallpapers. Be sure to check out their website for more wall papers, of several different categories.

vista mixed blue and green gradient wallpaper
Vista-1 1024