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Best Free PC Software - Networking and Wireless

written by: Daniel Barros•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 6/20/2010

In this edition of "Best Free Software,” we take a look at some of the greatest hits of networking and wireless downloads.

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    Networking and Wireless

    Every morning you get up and check your email and the latest news and blogs. The internet and networking apps are there for you, working tirelessly to deliver your information. When it comes to networking tools, the internet has everything you could want and even more available completely free. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in and see the best the internet has to offer:

    Networking Tools

    When it comes to networking tools, nothing beats the usual Windows set-up. For novice users, it is simple enough to create a rudimentary network and connect all the computers in a house to the same internet source. For experienced users, it is easily to bypass and does not get in the way nearly as much as the clunky and non-intuitive XP and ME internet control features. For those that require a more sophisticated networking tool, I suggest Kismet (a packet sniffer) or even Cain and Abel password recovery specialty software. These are just two examples of the many advanced network-setup offerings available out there.


    For the voracious downloader, nothing is better than a great download accelerator to boost the speeds on downloading from servers. Nobody does it better than FlashGet. A completely free, spyware-free, ad-ware free piece of technology, FlashGet has a simple interface, seamless integration and works EXACTLY as advertised. It is an amazing accomplishment in an age where download accelerators have become synonymous with junk and spyware. For those on the fence, consider this: prior to downloading this accelerator, my downloads were not breaking 400 Kbps. Now, with the accelerator, the downloads are routinely getting up to 600 Kbps.


    Skype is the ace in the hole for those arguments that “VOIP doesn’t work.” Skype proves conclusively that you can indeed have internet telephony and even video conferencing calls without paying a single cent (from computer to computer). Skype’s business model is intelligent because the lure into the software is the free features. Once you are in, it will casually suggest that you use the telephone software to dial landlines and cell phones for a fraction of the cost with excellent call quality. Of course, nothing beats picking up the old telephone and calling up your friends, but personally, being able to talk to my Brazilian relatives over the internet and seeing them live on camera does not get any better.


    What hasn’t been said about Google’s new browser? It’s efficient, removes virus and hacking threats using innovative sandboxing features, and doesn’t take the whole ship down when you lose a single tab. Mostly, Chrome has proven to the community that a free browser can be attractive, innovative and extremely fast without compromising on anything. For those invested in their Firefox extensions, you might want to wait a while until Chrome gets the same features. Otherwise, if you are still using Internet Explorer, there has never been a better time to switch.


    Ah FeedDemon. I have been using this free software for years now. Let me tell you, for reading those great RSS feeds, nothing on Windows beats FeedDemon. Simply put, for those wanting something that will save you time and effort perusing blogs like BrightHub, Kotaku, Gizmodo or Engadget by eliminating all but your filtered stories, FeedDemon works better than all the rest. The install is light and the program is heavy on features. If you have been looking for an RSS reader, look no further.

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