Electronic 'Stickies': Making Post-It Notes obscelete or just another example of the PC taking over our lives?

Electronic 'Stickies': Making Post-It Notes obscelete or just another example of the PC taking over our lives?
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So there is no space to attach your Post-it notes on the fridge or monitor? Well, you can always switch to this PC-version that involves no paper or glue whatsoever.

The free software called Stickies - very self-explanatory name - goes beyond the premise of providing simple notes and reminders. You can use it to send notes across networks and emails, even start conversations using post-it notes in a similar fashion to chatting. The software also includes options to save your list of friends, group your friends, and create a list of your 10 most favorite friends. However, the most useful feature for me is the ability to store information. It’s like having a diary that consists of electronic sticky notes. How cool is that?

You can customize almost every aspect of the notes, ranging from fonts, hot keys, formatting, opacity of the notes, windows size, alarms, the location of the new stickies, and much more. You can set multiple default settings for different users, adjust the way alarms are displayed (visual or audio or both), lock text in the notes, attach sticky to a program window, export stickies to a removeable drive, and so on.

Despite all the extensive customization options offered, the big question remains, how easy is it? I can answer that right away. Stickies is dead easy. After the program is loaded, you’ll see a yellow sticky pad in the Windows taskbar. Double-click on the icon and a blank sticky note will appear. Just write anything you want to write, and that’s it. Need to customize it? No problem. Just right-click on the paper to customize the way your notes appear, including changing the fonts, text colors, style, and case. Right-click on the upper bar to open the options and add a title, change note’s, color, save, etc.

Notes management can also be performed easily. You can tell all your stickies to roll up (hide the text) or unroll, lock or unlock the text, show or hide all, display on top of everything, and so on, just by a single click.

In addition to being free-tastic software, Stickies takes less than 1MB in file size and uses around 20MB of RAM. In short, anyway you look at it, it’s better than its paper equivalent and you get the bonus in saving the environment.