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Create an Outlook Profile on Windows XP

written by: Thomas P. Walton•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 12/31/2008

Create new accounts in Outlook on Windows XP. Setup and customize multiple profiles for business or personal use.

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    Setup a New Profile in Outlook on Windows XP

    It's important to separate email accounts for personal use. Use another account for business communications. With Outlook, you can set up multiple accounts for other users sharing the same computer. So, let us get on with it, and get started on creating your perfect Outlook profiles.

    Click on the Start button. Click on Control Panel. Click on User Accounts. Click on the Mail icon. If everything is running normally on your computer, there should be at least one profile configured or set up (Outlook creates one account upon installation by default). The Properties dialog box will appear, containing the information about services in the default profile. Click on Show Profiles. The mail dialog box will list all of the current profiles in Outlook. Add a new profile by clicking on Add. The setup wizard will guide you in setting up your profile. When you’re done setting up your profile, select Microsoft Exchange Server. Click on the Next button.

    Find the Profile Name field, and then type a name for the profile you want to create in the text box. Click on the Next button.

    Locate the Exchange Server field. This is where you enter the name of the server you’re using to get mail. A typical example of a server name is something like this: Click on the Next button to continue.

    Find the Mailbox field. Here is where you type the name of your email address (just the characters before the @ symbol). Click on the Next button to continue.

    Outlook will prompt you when your setup has been installed. Click on the Finish button.

    You’re almost done. Wait for the Mail dialog box to appear. You will see the new profile you just created. Go ahead and select it now with your mouse-pointer. Click on Properties to open the properties dialog box for your profile. Check that the correct server is selected. The properties dialog box should display “Microsoft Exchange Server”. Click on the Check Names button. Enter your user name and password. Click on the OK button to continue.

    The Mailbox field will show your display name. Your server name will also be displayed. Both your display name and server name will be underlined by Outlook. Click on the OK button a couple of times until the window displays When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile. Go ahead and select your profile now. Click on the Close button. Now, close the Control Panel. You’re done setting up your Outlook profile. Just repeat the same process to create new user profiles for other people using your computer, or for the purpose of separating business and personal emails.

    Go ahead and click on Outlook from your desktop or Start menu to start using your new profile to send and receive mail.