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Are You A Kaseya Operations Genius? Take This Quiz and See How You Measure Up!

written by: Matt Conlon•edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 11/9/2011

Are you an I.T. professional who uses Kaseya to manage your network? Are you the go-to person for questions about Kaseya? Brush up on your knowledge and take this quiz!

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    Are You a Kaseya Know-It-All?

    kaseya Management of computer networks can be difficult when the proper tools are not utilized. Having a tool that can report on system health, run clean up scripts and grant the administrator remote control is invaluable. Having such a tool allows the administrator to give high quality, proactive support to users and systems in many different locations.

    When Kaseya released K2 in February 2010, many users found the new Kaseya layout confusing, but once the layout change is over come, it's undeniable that Kaseya is a powerful tool in the network administrator's toolbox.

    Are you an expert in Kaseya operations, best practices, and general trivia? Take quiz and find out!

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    Kaseya Best Practices, Operations and Trivia Quiz

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