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Free Blue Wallpaper for Windows Users

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 7/29/2011

There is just something about blue wallpaper. It is relaxing, beautiful and often soothing to look at. If you are a fan of the color blue and looking for that perfect wallpaper to set as your desktop background, take a look at the wallpapers in this guide.

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    Using the Wallpaper

    To use the wallpapers in this guide, please see the links in the "Resources" box at the end of this guide. If you need help with using the backgrounds, please see the "Help with Using Wallpaper" section in this article. For tips on using the wallpaper, see the "Wallpaper Tips" section. To download and use one of the backgrounds in this article, you will need to find the name of the wallpaper you like in the resource box and click that link.

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    Windows Vista Wallpaper

    windows-vista-1 The first wallpaper we will take a look at is the Windows Vista background. If you are a fan of this Windows version and love the color blue, this would go great on your desktop. It is a large, high-resolution background that should fit most desktops. The gradient glow coming off the top gives the logo a spotlight look. This is an illusion, but a cool one.

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    Heart with Wings Wallpaper

    heart-with-wings-2 I love this background. This is for the blue lovers looking for an airy desktop background. On this background is a cloud with a heart with wings sitting on it. It is absolutely beautiful and would go great with any desktop. This background may be geared more towards women, but could be used by any gender.

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    Mountain Wallpaper

    blue-mountain-wallpaper-3 Next is the blue mountain wallpaper. If you love the view of mountains and are a fan of the color blue, these two go hand in hand with this wallpaper. This is a breath taking background that will create a lovely desktop wallpaper.

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    Ribbon Wallpaper

    ribbon-wallpaper-4 This wallpaper is blue with a glowing, 3D ribbon decoration. This wallpaper is also an illusion created with gradients and swirls. This would be a great background for any desktop, male or female. The background has a high resolution and is large enough to fit just about any Windows desktop.

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    Swirley Blue Abstract Wallpaper

    swirley-blue-abstract-5 Our next wallpaper is an abstract background. If you are a fan of abstract images, this would be a great wallpaper for you. This wallpaper is created with glowing, 3D swirls in order to make it appear abstract. Though the background of the wallpaper is black, the blue swirls give it the blue wallpaper theme.

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    Ice Blue Floral Wallpaper

    ice-blue-6 The next background we will take a look at is the Ice Blue Floral wallpaper. The background of the wallpaper is black and there is a blue glow to turn the floral vines a brilliant shade of blue. The glow coming from the bottom of the floral vines gives the illusion of glowing vines. This is a really cool wallpaper that would work for both genders, but would probably be preferred by females.

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    Blue Love Wallpaper

    blue-love-7 This is the "Love" wallpaper. It has a blue theme with what appears to be two people standing on the earth. Above the people is a heart with the word "Love" in it. This is also a really cute wallpaper that would go great with any desktop.

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    Blue Haze Floral Wallpaper

    blue-haze-floral-8 This is the blue haze floral wallpaper. It has a beautiful flower theme with a hazy appearance to it. I think this background would go great with any desktop and would probably be preferred by females.

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    Water Drops Wallpaper

    water-drops-9 This is the popular water drops wallpaper. These are seen as desktop backgrounds, greeting cards and more. The water drops were real popular when they first came out and remain popular now. If you are looking for a subtle background for your desktop, this may be the blue wallpaper you want to go with.

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    Blue Rose Wallpaper

    blue-rose-10 This is the last wallpaper in our guide. This is a soft blue rose wallpaper. It is very beautiful. I think the ladies will love this one because of its beauty.

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    Help with Using Wallpaper

    If you are new to adding wallpaper to your desktop, this section will help you. You will need to start by clicking the link in the Resource box to the wallpaper you wish to use. Then right-click on the wallpaper once it is loaded and click the "Set as Desktop Background" option. The wallpaper properties box will then open and ask you how to apply it. You can select centered, stretched or whatever you want. Click "Ok" or "Apply" and the background will be added to your desktop.

    For Google Chrome Users:

    You will need to save the image to your desktop by right-clicking the wallpaper and clicking "Save Image As." Once it is saved on your desktop, minimize everything and right-click on the wallpaper icon. Then select to set it as your desktop background.

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    Wallpaper Tips

    If your icons will not appear on your new wallpaper, you will need to adjust the color of the icons by going through the Properties > Appearance panel on your desktop. However, if you are using Windows 7, you do not have this option. Windows 7 has two colors, white and black. The color of the icons will adjust to the wallpaper you are using.

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