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How To Insert Outlook Email in Excel

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Christian Cawley•updated: 4/7/2011

Granted, not everyone wants to insert Outlook email in Excel, but the time may come when you need to do it. If that time is now, you've come to the right place to find out how it's done. Follow along step by step as we show you how to insert Outlook email in Excel

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    Insert Outlook Email in Excel

    Suppose you have an email message that you want to include as part of an Excel spreadsheet. Your approach to accomplish this will depend on what your purpose is. Here we present some of the best ways insert a message into a worksheet, ranging from the simplest to the most complex approach.

    If the first couple sections don't suit your needs, keep reading and hopefully we can help you get the job done. If you have your own preferred way of doing this, go ahead and put it in the "comments" section so everyone can learn.

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    Copy and Paste

    One way to get an email from Outlook into Excel is to copy it and paste it into a worksheet. This copies the contents as text and any combination of other objects, but it does not include the subject, sender, or date of the message.


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    Drag and Drop from an Outlook Folder

    Another way to insert Outlook email in Excel is to drag and drop the message from the Outlook folder it's in to your Excel spreadsheet. This technically doesn't insert the message though; it only inserts that sender, subject, date, and size of the email into columns on your worksheet.


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    Inserting an Email Message as an Image

    If you want your email to appear as it does in Outlook on an Excel worksheet, open your message in Outlook.


    Switch to your Excel worksheet where you want to place it and you'll be ready to insert an image of your message into Excel.

    Next, click on the "Insert" option on the main menu and then click the "screenshot" icon on the "Insert" ribbon. A thumbnail of all your open "Available Windows" will open. Browse to your Outlook message and then click on it.


    You now have an image of your Outlook message in your worksheet. You can now move and resize it to fit your needs.


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    Inserting an Email Message as an Object

    1. Open the email message in Outlook. Do this by double-clicking on the message.


    2. Now, click on "File" on the main menu and then click "Save As." In the "Save As" window, browse to a folder or desktop location where you can store and locate the message on your computer.


    3. Open Microsoft Excel and the document into which you wish to insert your email message. Click on the "Insert" men item and then click the "Object" icon. This is usually toward the right side of the "Insert" ribbon. Next click the "Create from File" tab and then browse to the location where your email message was saved. Leave the two check boxes unchecked and then click the "OK" button.


    4. You now have an object containing your Outlook message placed on your Excel worksheet. Double-clicking on the object will open the email message. outlook005 

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    In this tutorial you learned several ways to Insert Outlook Email in Excel. Depending on your specific purpose, you can choose to drag and drop your email into Excel to record its vital statistics, copy and paste its text into a worksheet or insert it as an object or as an image.

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