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Cute Easter Bunny Themed Computer Wallpaper

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 3/24/2011

When you think of Easter, you probably think of the Easter bunny. In this guide, you will find some really cute Easter bunny wallpaper you can use for your desktop.

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    This guide has seven different wallpapers you can use for Easter. Each of the wallpapers in this guide have an Easter Bunny theme. There are also some Easter bunny and Easter eggs wallpapers in this guide. So, if you are fond of bunnies, you will probably fall in love with the desktop backgrounds in this guide. All of the Easter bunny wallpapers found in this guide are free to download and use on your personal computers.

    You can view each of the wallpapers in this list by using the links in the Resources box at the end of this guide.

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    Bunnies and Eggs Wallpaper

    Bunnies and Eggs Wallpaper The first Easter bunny wallpaper we will take a look at is the Bunnies and Eggs wallpaper. In this wallpaper, there are two bunnies sitting inside a cracked egg container. These are real bunnies and they are absolutely adorable. This is a great wallpaper, but you may not be able to see all of your desktop icons with this wallpaper since it is so busy.

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    Bunny and Egg Present Wallpaper

    Bunny and Egg Present Wallpaper The next wallpaper makes me giggle when I look at it. There is just something about that bunny, he just looks cute. The colors in this wallpaper are bright and full of life. The bunny is carrying an Easter egg on his back that is wrapped like a present. There are eggs, flowers and a house on the hills behind the bunny. You should not have any problem with the icons on your desktop. You should be able to arrange them around the bunny and be able to see them.

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    Easter Bunny Love Wallpaper

    Easter Bunny Love Wallpaper The next wallpaper in this list is what I call "Easter Bunny Love". There are two bunnies sitting side by side. There are carrots and an Easter egg sitting beside the bunnies, and there is also a beautiful, sunny scene that the bunnies are looking at.

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    Bunny and Tulips Wallpaper

    Bunny and Tulips Wallpaper The next Easter bunny wallpaper in my list is the Bunny and Tulips wallpaper. This is a really sweet looking wallpaper. The bunny is sitting in different colored tulips and the wallpaper has "Happy Easter" above the bunny.

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    Bunny and Cracked Egg Wallpaper

    Bunny and Cracked Egg Wallpaper How precious is this Easter Bunny and Cracked Egg wallpaper? The bunny is sitting in a dish that looks like a cracked egg. The background of the wallpaper is purple and your desktop icons should work just fine with this light and restrained wallpaper.

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    Easter Bunny and Eggs Wallpaper

    Easter Bunny and Eggs Wallpaper If you are looking for a more cartoonish wallpaper for Easter, check out this Easter Bunny and Eggs wallpaper. There is a white bunny sitting in the left corner of the wallpaper with eggs in front of it. There are also eggs to the right of the bunny. You shouldn't have any problems with your desktop icons being seen if you use this wallpaper.

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    Bunnies and Easter Basket Wallpaper

    Bunnies and Easter Basket Wallpaper This is the last Easter bunny wallpaper in my list. This wallpaper is so adorable. The background is a black and purple gradient color. There are two real bunnies in the wallpaper with one of them on a glass Easter basket. The other one is sitting beside the basket. There is also a flower in the wallpaper to add that extra touch of beauty. Your desktop icons may be a bit difficult to see on this wallpaper, but you can arrange them around the bunnies in order to see them better.

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    Resources for Easter Bunny Wallpaper

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    All screenshots were taken by the author and are the property of their respective sites.