Logitech Quickcam Chat Software Download and Installation Instructions



Logitech is a company that produces many types of devices from keyboards and mice to headsets and webcams for video conferencing and conversing. Using the Logitech QuickCam chat software for webcams allows you to have additional capabilities and may even be required for you to use the hardware at all. You must download and install the software before you can enjoy its functionality.

Download and Install

Download the Logitech QuickCam chat software by navigating to the Logitech website and selecting support. Choose product support and select your product, language and operating system. Be aware, the software is not compatible with the Windows 7 operating system and will not install. Alternatively, click the download link to be directed automatically to the product information page for the QuickCam. Choose the operating system and whether you are running it in 32-bit or 64-bit and click "Download Software." It is 35 Megabytes in size, which has an estimated download time of less than one minute on a broadband Internet connection. Once the download completes, double click on the file name and follow the on-screen instructions.

Installation Stops or Quits

If the installation process stops or quits unexpectedly, you may have a problem in the computer system memory that causes problems with the installation. This may be a result of the directory where files are temporarily extracted being full or having conflicting files. Perform a clean install to remedy the problem.

To remove the Logitech Quickcam chat software completely open "Control Panel" located under "My Computer." Click "Add and remove programs" and remove the Logitech Camera software completely.

Clean boot Windows by clicking on "start," selecting "run" and typing "msconfig" to open the system configuration utility. Choose "selective startup" and uncheck the option to "load startup options." Under the "services" tab check the box to "hide all Microsoft services" and also click "disable all." Restart your computer.

Install the Logitech Quickcam chat software and restore your startup programs to what they were before the installation. Restart your computer again.

Errors 2738, 1720 or 1722

If, while attempting to use your Logitech Quickcam chat software, you encounter error 2738, 1720 or 1722 you are not using the correct Quickcam software and need to update to the latest version. As of February, 2011 the latest version is QuickCam 11.8 and can be downloaded here.

Error 1327

If you encounter error 1327 while trying to run the software, it indicates that the drive letter for your operating system has been modified for some reason or another. Complete the following steps to fix the problem.

Click "Start" and select "programs." Click "Administrative Tools" and "Disk Administrator." Right-click the drive letter that you need to change and click the option to "assign drive letter." Choose the correct drive letter for the operating system and click "ok" to finish the process. Restart your computer when you are finished to finalize the drive letter change.


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