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Tips on Setting up a Windows Honeypot

Honeypots are flexible and come in various shapes and size. The two broad types are low interaction and high interaction types. A low interaction windows honeypot is plug and play. High interaction honeypots are complex and require dedicated resources.

Browser Helper Objects in IE8, Ad-Aware and SpywareGuard

Browser Helper Object for Internet Explorer is often found in end-users machine. Some are rogue BHO while others will help protect our computer and data in downloading unsafe file or in visiting fraud website. This article will discuss and compare the IE add-ons by Microsoft, Lavasoft & Javacool.

Secuity Testing

The accelerated use of IT in the workplace for business and personal purposes has generated important privacy concerns because of the substantial amounts of data that is collected about employees by employers.

What is a Zombie Computer?

Here’s all you want to know about zombie computers such as how they are used by cybercriminals in DoS attacks and for sending out Spam for example. In this article you also find tips for preventing your computer from becoming a zombie and what to do should your system be infected by botnet software.

Bluejacking – Anatomy and Threat Prevention

Here’s what Bluejacking is and all you need to know about to protect you from receiving unsolicited messages by means of Bluetooth. This article additionally contains information about Bluesnarfing, a dangerous attack which uses the same Bluetooth properties as Bluejacking.

Free Vulnerability Scanners: The Best of Them

Vulnerability scanners help find weaknesses quickly and automatically which otherwise might have been missed. There are many excellent commercial vulnerability scanners, but some of the best are free. This article highlights some of the best free vulnerability scanners.

Is Your Security Software Working? How to Check

If you’ve downloaded and installed new security software or if you have made changes to existing security software you’ll likely want to verify that the software is working and will do its job. This article gives an overview on how to check if your security software is working.