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Bye-Bye Passwords; Hello Trust Score

Google has set its sights on killing the user password… at least on Android devices. Big news from the Google I/O event as Google has unveiled the Trust API, which allows developers to use sensor and biometric data for authentication.

Understanding How You Can Find An Email IP Address

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that life online is anonymous – but it isn’t. For instance, did you know that each email you send contains information about your IP address? This could mean that your message could be traced back to you, via your Internet Service Provider…

How to Remove the Steel Keylogger

Steel Keylogger is one of the most devastating virus spyware on the market. Because of its harmful effects and data-saving functions, a keylogger can steal all of your information, from social security numbers to email passwords. Removing it is essential to your virtual survival.