Advice about how to create and implement security policies and what security policies your business needs

Security policies are an essential component of any security strategy. This topic contains articles which explain why you need security policies, how to create and implement security policies and how to get your employees to read security policies.

Firewall Security Tips: The Top Five

Firewalls have been a core component of Internet security for a long time. Optimizing firewall security is an art unto itself. What are the top firewall security suggestions for your business? This article examines the top five firewall security tips that we have found.

Understanding Information Security Metrics

The concept of information security metrics is much wider than it seems to an average computer geek. In short, these information security metrics help in creation and constant improvement of security systems so that you can use the Internet without any worries.

Information Security Concepts: Authenticity

Authenticity is the fourth and final core concept we will explore. What do we mean by authenticity in Information Security? Authenticity is assurance that a message, transaction, or other exchange of information is from the source it claims to be from. Authenticity involves proof of identity.

Information Security Concepts: Availability

Availability is the third of four concepts examined in this series of articles. In the ubiquitous Internet and wireless access era, information must be available 24/7, or whenever it’s needed. All the effort spent securing data from unauthorized access or integrity failures may go to waste.

How To Protect Laptop Computers

Defending against accidental or malicious misuse, loss, or theft of laptops is a crucial part of SMB security planning and design. In this section, we look at the differences between protecting these mobile devices and static desktop systems.

Facebook for Business: Should You Use It?

If you’ve read our MySpace in Business article, you may be wondering about the same pros and cons of using Facebook for your business. While the basic premise of the two networks are the same, there are some fundamental differences which may help make a decision.