Advice about how to create and implement security policies and what security policies your business needs

Security policies are an essential component of any security strategy. This topic contains articles which explain why you need security policies, how to create and implement security policies and how to get your employees to read security policies.

Internet Explorer 7 Security Certificate Problem

Visiting a secure website that does not have a valid security certificate causes Internet Explorer 7 to display an error message suggesting that the user “close this webpage and do not continue to this Web site.” Find out why this occurs and what to do when you see this warning message.

Enabling Custom Level IE Security Settings

Enabling custom level IE security settings is a good option for an advanced computer user who is ready to take control of his computer. Users may be surprised to learn that it is also a good solution for the IE security-conscious newbie.

Free Antivirus Software for Windows XP

If you plan to continue using Windows XP, you need to install Service Pack 3 and continue to use antivirus program. There are free antivirus program for Windows XP to choose from and this article will list the antivirus software for XP.

Review for CyberScrub Privacy Suite

CyberScrub LLC is a global developer of security tools. The company is based in Georgia. Also, the company has recently received a score of 94 out of 100 by the Dun & Bradstreet ratings for customer service.

InTouch Lock, a Software to Keep Your System Intact

Administrators and guardians often wish to lock or restrict critical settings in Windows and restrict programs and internet access that will keep the PC away from any settings-hijack or deletion of important files. Such option is available using tool like InTouch Lock.

Email Monitoring in the Workplace

The increasing popularity of Internet & increased loss of privacy due to information technology has made many individuals dread the use of information technologies for communication of sensitive information. A lot of organizations monitor use of internet activities of their employees. Read more…

Backup: What is New in Windows 7?

Here you find all new Windows 7 Backup and Restore features including customized backup location, optional images as well as decoupled images. What’s more is that this article contains useful information regarding the change of backup and restore features in the different Windows 7 editions.