Advice about how to create and implement security policies and what security policies your business needs

Security policies are an essential component of any security strategy. This topic contains articles which explain why you need security policies, how to create and implement security policies and how to get your employees to read security policies.

Physical Security Concerns in Information Assurance

Information about your company could literally bankrupt you if your competitors had access to it. And if you deal in highly confidential information you risk legal complications and lawsuits by not securing such data thoroughly. Safeguard your company’s information with physical security measures.

What are an Information Security Officer’s duties?

An Information Security Officer is a new job title with a variety of duties that were previously handled by risk management, compliance, the legal department, and the IT department of an organization. We took a look at several job postings and came up a with a list of an ISO’ duties.

What are Trojan Generators?

Creating Trojans does not require malware distributors and online thieves to code a Trojan themselves. Trojan generators are sold to bad guys with an option to customize how they want a Trojan to run, what it will steal, and how the stolen information will be sent back to the crooks.

The Best Firefox Parental Controls

Firefox parental controls don’t exist, but there are add-ons to use to restrict kids from visiting dangerous and unwanted websites. Some parental control software for Firefox lets you customize the block warning so you continue to remind your kids of how much you love them as they surf.

How Do I Clear the Address Bar in Firefox Browser?

AutoComplete makes browsing easier. But not everyone likes it. If your friend asks “How do I clear the address bar in Firefox?”, you can provide the steps in removing a site or all sites’ information in Firefox ,so that AutoComplete will no longer display it in the address bar.