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Patch management is an essential component of your security strategy. In this topic, you will find advice about to implement a patch management process, buyer guides and reviews of the latest patch management software and tools.

Response to Apple’s SSL Security Flaw

On February 21, 2014, various tech sites started reporting a serious security flaw in Apple’s SSL implementation in iOS. Apple had just released the update and based on the number of articles that sprung up you’d think the internet was on the brink of falling apart or that your personal information

What to Do with the Adobe Flash Update Alert?

This article explains why you receive Adobe Flash update alerts on your computer and how to update Flash Player in Windows. We’ll also discuss how to uninstall old versions of Flash Player and if you need to install the update in Google Chrome, IE or Firefox.

How to Upgrade Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

The Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 upgrade is available for free for current users. Upgrading the application will give you a number of new security features that your computer may have been missing until now. The upgrading method is extremely easy and quick, so don’t be afraid of trading up!

Configure and Troubleshoot Patch Management

Using third party applications to help keep your applications updated is necessary for the security of your computer. Keeping your computer up-to-date by installing operating system updates, ant-ivirus and anti-malware is critical. The right third party software can make it much easier.

Virus Sig Updates – Why They’re Important

It’s very important to update your virus signatures. Virus sig updates tell your antivirus program what it needs to guard against. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to update your virus sigs through a fairly simple process inside your antivirus program.

NetChk Protect Review

IT Administrators will have done fewer tasks if they will use NetChk Protect, a complete patch management tool with active protection by Sunbelt’s VIPRE Antivirus+Antispyware.

Automating Updates for Third Party Applications

One of the most intensive tasks for security and information technology specialist is keeping non Microsoft applications up to date. With customized applications, add-ons such as Flash, Java and other applications become a logistical nightmare for some IT Managers.

Windows Deployment Services

Windows Deployment Services is Microsoft’s revised version of Remote Installation Services or RIS. This add-on application allows for the deployment of Windows Operating Systems. This deployment service application is designed for all operating systems including Microsoft’s Windows Vista and 7.

Network Hardening: Part 1

Like all things dynamic, change is inevitable. Such is the case with your network environment. Upgrades and modifications to the network architecture can sometimes expose (or create) security holes. As such, it is important to consistently evaluate the integrity of your network infrastructure.