Opinion & News on Computer Security

With so much of our personal information being stored and accessed on computers, security becomes an ever increasingly important topic. Not only that, every day you hear new reports of elaborate hacks, identity thefts and other security breaches. How can you properly protect your business and your personal computers? Join us as we discuss the latest in firewalls, antivirus software and other effective (or not so effective) means of protecting your computers. Share your own experience and insight in the comments.

Is Conficker Actually “Dangerous”?

A new book, titled Worm, seeks to give the complicated story of one of the biggest computer worms in existence. While Conficker is an interesting beast, it seems like it’s getting a whole lot of attention by people desperately wanting it to be a great villain.

Phishing Scams Aren’t Just for Fools

I’ve never really liked the phrase “We all live in glass houses,” but I do find it annoying to see the victims of scams blamed for lacking common sense. The unfortunate truth is that most of these victims just made little mistakes and suffered dearly for it, and others wish to add insult to injury.