Network Secruity

Network security is made up of an underlying computer network infrastructure, the resources that make the network inaccessible from intruders and the policies of the network administrator. Together, these three parts come together as a whole to keep your network safe from hackers, or monitor other users of the network for security purposes.

How to Access Security-Enabled Wireless Networks

While every major operating system has automated the connection process, there is still some ambiguity about what each type of encryption and authentication method will require from you. Find out what you need to know for each type of network so you don’t have to ask IT for help.

Network Security and Defensive Countermeasures

Do you know what to do in case of a network attack? This article will help you become familiar with some common network attacks and the defense technologies and countermeasures available to deploy or use to defend either yourself or a company’s network.

Hacking Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet has become a fairly popular option for browsing the web on the go and for people who want a little freedom of movement in their home. Unfortunately, hacking wireless Internet is a very real possibility.

How to Make a Wi-Fi Network Secure

The growth of wireless networks in the home and office has provided users with significant flexibility in accessing the Internet and file sharing. Unfortunately, an unsecured network can be easily exploited and result in identity theft, fraudulent purchases and extreme inconvenience.