Network Secruity

Network security is made up of an underlying computer network infrastructure, the resources that make the network inaccessible from intruders and the policies of the network administrator. Together, these three parts come together as a whole to keep your network safe from hackers, or monitor other users of the network for security purposes.

Google versus the Spanish Data Protection Agency

Google lets you search for links to third party information. Some of that information may contain personal data. If you see incorrect information linked to you, do you have the right to have Google remove it? Read on regarding the case of the “right to be forgotten.”

Things to Know About Social Network Security

So you’re a blazing social media addict? Like all the contacts and relationships do you? Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security on your social network accounts, as there are plenty of ways that what you post can come back to haunt you.

Forewarned Is Forearmed: Hacking Tools and Techniques

The adage ”Knowledge is Power” is truer nowhere than in the field of PC security. The tools of the hacker’s trade are more accessible than you think, thanks to ”white hat” hackers who are employed to improve network security, and because the bad ones like to brag about their exploits.

WiFi Security Quiz

The ability to connect to wireless hotspots everywhere from home to the local McDonalds has been a boon for hackers everywhere. Identity thieves prey on unsuspecting laptops, pilfering everything from bank account information to social security numbers. Do you know how to thwart them?

Business Networks: Remote Access Security 101

You have users clamoring to work at home using their personal computers and they need to access internal network resources. A VPN server might do the job, but then you realize your remote user computers aren’t managed at all and could put your network at risk. What options do you have?

A Look at Wi-Fi Security Auditing Programs

Are you unsure about the security of your wireless network? Do you see the need to keep your PC safe by monitoring your Wi-Fi connection? If that’s the case then this article is for you. Here you’ll familiarize yourself with some useful programs that will keep your network safe.

Hacking Telnet – What It Is & How to Avoid It

Telnet protocols and services have been around since the very beginnings of computers and the Internet, providing the basis for how we connect to the web today. But there is a dark side to using it – the potential of being a victim due to a hack using telnet protocols.

Network Monitoring Software: Net Monitor Review

Would you like to control remote computers on a network from one location–your computer? How about being able to control, monitor, reboot or shutdown, as well as send messages to someone else’s PC? If you’ve answered yes, you may be interested in the Net Monitor for Employees Professional.

Top Security Routers for Laptops

Are you in search of a great router for your laptop that may offer security? Then you’ve found the right article! It talks about some routers with strong security features. There is even information on what to look for in a wireless or portable router and,how to make them secure.