Everything to do with firewalls from product reviews to configurations tips and advice

Firewalls are essential security tools. In this topic, you will find firewall buying guides, details about the best free firewalls, the best hardware and software firewalls and a wealth of advice that will help you to buy the firewall that best suits your needs to configure it for maximum security.

Build Your Own Firewall Step by Step

So you want to build your own firewall? Creating a firewall using your own hardware and free firewall software and applications is possible. This article examines what hardware and software components you need, firewall design basics, and how to configure, test, and deploy a strong DIY firewall.

How to Track your Kids’ Surfing

If you want to track your kid’s surfing you can use parental control software, monitoring software, or a combination of the two technologies. Here’s what you need to know for online child protection including tips & tricks for how to track your children’s web activities effectively or with low costs

How to Use Windows 7 Firewall

In this series of articles, learn about the Windows Firewall in Windows 7. Skip to parts 2 and 3 if you need third party firewall in Windows 7, or want to create firewall rules on the new operating system.

How to Use the Mac OS X Firewall

Have a Mac and think you are safe? No computer is safe from malicious activities on the internet. While Mac and Windows users debate the safety of each operating system, Mac users should be aware that growing popularity has made Mac a target.

Six Ways To Make Your Firewall More Secure

We all use a firewall, which protects our PC from dangerous malicious programs. While a firewall can’t protect you against all kinds of Internet dangers, if your firewall is not secure, then it is as if you have no firewall at all. Learn how to secure your firewall.

ZoneAlarm Firewall Review: Part 1

ZoneAlarm Firewall, even with the free version is a very good firewall program for your Windows computer. In this article we will take a detailed review on this famous firewall program.

Do I Need a Firewall?

A lot of people pay big money on firewalls. Is it really necessary to have a firewall on your PC or is a firewall optional? Let us find out what really this firewall thing is, what it does and if it is a necessity for your PC.

Review of Outpost Firewall Pro 2009

If you are surfing the web, you need protection. Outpost Firewall Pro offers features and components found on many hardware firewalls. With malicious activities on the internet, computers are be vulnerable on the web if not adequately protected.