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Firewalls are essential security tools. In this topic, you will find firewall buying guides, details about the best free firewalls, the best hardware and software firewalls and a wealth of advice that will help you to buy the firewall that best suits your needs to configure it for maximum security.

Is there a Way Around a Firewall That Is Legal?

Entering a protected firewall is “illegal” when done by an intruder, but “legal” when it’s done by someone who has permission or has been allowed to perform tests (and other such things). Therefore, the answer to the question, “Is there a way around a firewall?” is yes. Read on to learn more.

What Ports Should I Block on My Firewall

Blocking ports on a firewall is one of the first tasks you want to do after you install and enable the firewall. However, if you are asking, “What ports should I block on my firewall?”, you could end blocking the wrong ports and denying legitimate applications access to the Internet.

How to Detect a Firewall

Firewalls are one of the key security instruments. If configured well, it might be very hard to detect a firewall, especially if it is on a remote system. Of course, there are ways to detect a firewall (or at least try to) and they are described in this article.

Windows Vista Firewall Review

Most computer geeks know that there is no silver bullet for computer security . A good solution needs to be layered. One important part of a layered approach is the use of a firewall, and this Windows Vista Firewall review is intended to help you decide if the Vista Firewall will meet your needs.

How to Overcome Limitations of Firewalls

Though different types of firewalls use different types of techniques and operate at different layers of Internet networking model (TCP/IP), there are several limitations of firewalls. This article discusses the limitations. It also studies some methods to overcome limitations of firewalls.

Firewall Test Programs: Which Ones Are Best?

If you are having trouble finding the right firewall program or testing service (either for free or paid), then you have found the right article that lists today’s best firewall software and free firewall testing programs for your PC and network.

Top 10 Firewalls for 2010: Firewall Comparison Review

This article presents top 10 firewalls as a comparison review of protection software. Any firewall should offer good security from intruders. The software should also be easy to understand and to use. This list of top 10 firewalls is created based on their performance and ease of use.

Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0 – Your System’s Protective Shield

With a tremendous increase in the number of cyber threats, it has become important to protect you r system against viruses, Trojans, spam, etc. Thus, it is necessary to provide a shield to your computer to safeguard itself from such threats. Lavasoft Personal Firewall provides your system shield…