Everything to do with firewalls from product reviews to configurations tips and advice

Firewalls are essential security tools. In this topic, you will find firewall buying guides, details about the best free firewalls, the best hardware and software firewalls and a wealth of advice that will help you to buy the firewall that best suits your needs to configure it for maximum security.

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Don’t leave yourself open to online threats and rogue software. These can be the cause of data theft and even financial loss, which is a shame as you can easily protect yourself with a firewall.

Comparing Windows Firewalls for Windows 7

Third-party firewall programs and the built-in firewall protection in Windows do not provide the same protection. Even the Windows firewalls in different edition of Windows don’t provide the same features. Ever wonder what the difference is in software firewall solutions for Windows?

How to Set Up Firefox Ports in Windows Firewall

Having a firewall setup on your computer is a great way to keep the bad stuff from the Internet from hitting your personal or work computer. Sometimes, however, firewalls do their jobs a little well and keep out things you want.

In this article, learn about Firefox ports with a Windows firewall.

How to Gain Remote Access through a Firewall

Remote access through a firewall is one of the ultimate hacker’s dreams. However, if the firewall is configured properly, it isn’t that easy to penetrate it. On the other hand, if you have the required credentials, gaining remote access through a firewall is a piece of cake.

Free Firewall Programs to Protect Windows

Protecting your computer with an antivirus program is not enough. A firewall protection is required to help protect against hackers and malware. You don’t need to pay for firewall protection because there’s plenty of free firewall software to stealth your computer.

Types of Computer Security and Why You Need It!

Everyone is subject to the common cold, everyone gets sick sometimes. Usually a cold isn’t a big deal, but when it comes to computers and getting viruses, one virus is a huge deal. One virus could virtually eradicate your computer. What can you do to prevent it? Let’s find out.

Firewall Reviews in Brighthub and Other Sources

A person who is looking for firewall product knows that a firewall is a must-have program in a system. To find out what they need, the computer user will either look for firewall reviews, recommendations or test a firewall software themselves. Here are the firewall products that was reviewed here.

How Can I Analyze A Network Behind A Firewall?

This guide examines how you can analyze a firewalled network using a free to use tool such as AngryIP. This is a great method for testing the integrity of your network, and should be done when setting up a network for the first time and after making significant changes.

About Firewall Popup Blockers

If you are not familiar with Popup Blockers, that’s good! You are about to learn from this article about its ability to stop advertisements when you are online. You’ll also learn how to properly configure web browser plug-ins and enable or disable the pop-up blocker when you want.