• Best Email Encryption Software

    Ever wished that your emails were a bit more secure? Have you been afraid that someone might intercept your correspondence? Read this article and put an end to this fear by learning about the best programs for email encryption.
    By Zack Jones May 18, 2011 

  • BestCrypt Review: The Best Encryption Solution for Windows?

    Here’s all what you want to know about Jetico BestCrypt for Windows file and folder encryption including BCArchive encrypted archives. This article additionally contains useful information about the BestCrypt add-on BestCrypt Volume encryption,...
    By Mark Muller May 18, 2011 

  • Locking Folders in Windows 7, ME, and XP

    Ever wished that you could discreetly hide some sensitive files or folders residing in your computer? Ever wanted to have the equivalent of a safe in your hard disk? Now you can do both of these by employing this particular program.
    By Zack Jones May 7, 2011 

  • Pros and Cons of Encrypting Inbound and Outbound Internet Traffic

    You may have heard about the possibility of using encryption on the data you handle over the internet. But is it really worthwhile? Do the advantages involved outweigh the disadvantages? Read this article to find out.
    By Zack Jones April 12, 2011 

  • USB Secure Review: An Application to Provide USB Disk Security

    With the increasing capacity of the USB sticks, we are carrying more of our files with them. What if they get lost or stolen? With our most important files? Certainly we need to have them encrypted and here is where USB Secure comes to play.
    By Tolga BALCI March 24, 2011 

  • Securing Wi-fi Hotspot Connections: Free Encryption Tools

    Wi-fi hotspots are a favorite of malicious hackers. Unencrypted data floats around without rhyme or reason, easy fruit for identity thieves and attackers. Find out about some free tools you can use for encrypting your traffic and securing your connection...
    By Chad Anderson March 10, 2011 

  • How to Defend Your Passwords from Brute Force and Dictionary Attacks

    Ever had your password guessed then misused by someone? You need to create a strong password that no one can figure out with any number of tries. Follow these tips to create strong and secure passwords.
    By N Nayab February 22, 2011 

  • Encrypt CD/DVD Data - Copytrax Data Security

    Now, you can encrypt any CD/DVD using AES 256 bit encryption technology & protect your secure data. The innovative security device in Compact Disc format using powerful technology of encryption launched by Copytrax is expected to meet the security...
    By PreciousJohnDoe February 21, 2011 

  • Kryptel Folder and File Encryption

    Kryptel 5.8 provides easy file and folder encryption as well as encrypted backups for Windows without administrative overhead. Find here all what you want to know about INV Softwork’s Kryptel file and folder encryption.
    By Mark Muller February 18, 2011 

  • Using Encryption: Bluetooth Technology

    How to prevent strangers accessing or viewing your data when using a Bluetooth-enabled device? The answer is simple and that is to take advantage of authentication and encryption in Bluetooth software.
    By Donna Buenaventura February 15, 2011 
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