Disaster Recovery and Backup

  • Security Risks With Cellphones, PDAs And Ways To Defend Yourself Against Attacks

    If you use a cell phone or PDA, it can be a security risk. Read on to find out what the risks associated with cell phones and PDAs are and how potential attacks can be prevented.
    By Ada Stoy January 17, 2011 

  • Create a Windows XP Restore DVD

    The article discusses the need of creating a Windows XP restore DVD and how it can be created.
    By Lashan Clarke January 13, 2011 

  • How Denial Of Service (DoS) Works?

    This article explains Denial of Service, its working, different types of DoS attacks and methods for prevention.
    By Lashan Clarke January 13, 2011 

  • An Overview of Norton Secure Online Storage

    Have you ever heard of Norton Secure Online Storage? Chances are you have, but never really knew what it did nor thought to use it. In fact, it’s probably one of the least used tools in the entire Norton 360 suite. But, that's soon about...
    By Tye Yorkshire January 9, 2011 

  • A Quick and Dirty Guide for Norton Ghost

    Have you ever worried that you wouldn't be prepared for a data loss disaster? Do you want to learn the basics on how to back up and recover your data but don't have time to read the entire Norton Ghost user manual? If so, this article...
    By Gabriele January 6, 2011 

  • Recovering from Laptop Theft

    Law enforcement and computer industry professionals recommend six steps you can take to minimize the risk of data theft and to potentially recover your stolen laptop.
    By Joe Taylor Jr. December 27, 2010 

  • Reducing Threats to Computer Security: Fire, Theft, and Other Physical Dangers

    Computer security can be compromised more easily by physical dangers than by online dangers.
    By Christian Cawley December 17, 2010 

  • Tips for Backing Up Your Files

    Who hasn't lost an important file when it somehow wasn't included in the last backup before computer failure? Follow these tips to ensure that you never lose data again.
    By William Springer December 13, 2010 

  • A Review of RollBack Rx for Windows

    What would you do if your computer crashed? Windows System Restore may be able to help, but only if you can boot your computer. RollBack has a solution to it and more problems. Read on to find out what RollBack can do for your system’s safety…
    By Finn Orfano November 24, 2010 

  • How to Set Up Password Protection for External Drives

    Ever wonder which password protection for external hard drives to use? Are you using an edition of Windows that does not include BitLocker Drive Encryption and BitLocker To Go?
    By Donna Buenaventura October 31, 2010 
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