Disaster recovery and backup advice and review of disaster recovery and backup products

Disaster recovery planning is an essential component of any security strategy. In this topic, you will find practical advice on disaster recovery planning, how to recover from a disaster in th shortest possible time and reviews of leading disaster recovery and backup software, tools and services.

Free Conficker Removal Tools

Conficker worms continue to infect computers that are not up-to-date with security updates and does not use anti-virus protection. If you need free conficker removal tools, check this article.

How To Manually Remove Worm.Win32.Netsky

Manually removing the Win32.Netsky worm is a tougher job than using tools for automatic removal. If you’re able to use a dedicated utility for this task, you should do so – otherwise get ready to edit your registry, delete files and even boot into Safe Mode!

How to Backup Your Laptop

Everyone should have a backup plan. This is very critical to those who use laptops. Laptops have a higher chance of being lost or stolen than your typical desktop computer, and when it is lost or stolen, your precious files are forever lost: unless they

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard – Data Recovery Software

EASEUS, the maker of Data Recovery Wizard and other professional recovery software, is giving away free and fully functional Data Recovery Wizard software for a limited time so hurry to get your free copy. Read more about the application below.

Firefox Environment Backup Extension: A Review of FEBE

Firefox Environment Backup Extension, or FEBE for short, is a free Firefox backup add-on which backups themes, extensions or the entire browser profile for example. Here’s all you want to know about it including FEBE’s bookmark, history, general purpose as well as online backups.