Database Security

A database management system, or DBMS, is a tool that creates and manipulates databases. Examples that are used regularly are Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. Other programs that are more widely used by database developers include MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who would like to get into your database for your information. Learn how to secure your information here.

Recover Office Data Files Using Advanced Office Repair

Recover corrupted and damaged PST, Excel, Dbx, Mbx, doc and other Microsoft Office files using Advanced Office Repair. Read this article to find out if Advanced Office Repair is all you need to recover and repair damaged or corrupted Office and Outlook Express files.

BitDefender Total Security Review : Total Security for Windows Computers

BitDefender Total Security 2010 puts an end to all your worries related to computer infection from viruses, slow system speed & performance, cluttered system registry and many other problems. The best part is it never slows down your system like other anti-virus programs. Read more to find out…

Will FreeRADIUS Be Your Next RADIUS Server?

RADIUS is the long-standing standard for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) needs. FreeRADIUS provides a free, feature-rich, Open Source RADIUS server along with libraries and client support.

Can iPhones get Viruses?

Is your iPhone safe from the looming threat of viruses around every corner? With internet-enabled devices receiving more and more support in terms of virus protection and defense, how far away is the iPhone from these same updates? Read on inside.

How to Back Up With Mozy

You may want to see how simple MozyHome Remote Backup is before you use it. This article will demonstrate the basics of Mozy’s online backup solution for home users. It is a straightforward backup solution, and is free to backup up to 2GB of data. Restore with Mozy is covered as well.

Lost Windows Password – How Do I Recover It?

If it is the first time you’ve forgotten or otherwise lost your Windows password, it can be a very stressful experience. How will I log in? How do I get my password back? Can I retrieve my lost Windows password? I won’t have to reinstall, will I? You can reset or get back your password–Here’s how.

Using PsTools for Penetration Testing

Sometimes during a penetration test we find that we need more than what our vulnerability scanner provides, but less than coding a full exploit. On Windows systems command line network administrative tools haven’t always been available. There are some tools developed that we can use.