Anti-spam product reviews and details of the latest trends in spam

Spam has become a global pandemic which costs businesses billions of dollars per year. Here, you will find details about the spam trends, anti-spam product reviews, buyers guides and information about emerging threats. You can also find articles about the best free spam blocker products to keep you email inbox clean, how to spot spam messages to avoid getting involved in email frauds, and methods to setup spam filters to catch junk messages you don’t want.

Fight Spam With Spam Terrier Free Antispam Software..

Agnitum (Developers of the Outpost Pro Firewall) offers a free spam blocker called Spam Terrier. In this review I will be comparing Spam Terrier to the standard spam fighting tools in Outlook and Outlook Express. Also briefly explain what spam is for those who have never heard of the term “Spam”.

The Cost of Spam

Spam used to be a minor nuisance; today, it has become a major problem that cost businesses more than $100 billion in 2007. This article discusses the evolution of spam and what you can do to protect your business against it.