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Biometric Authentication – What’s That?

You may have heard of biometric authentication, but weren’t sure exactly what that meant. This article will help you understand biometrics, biometric authentication, and how identity management can use unique attributes of every person to help validate their identity quickly and accurately.

School Firewalls – How Do You Get Past Them?

School firewalls are in unique positions. Every year or semester, a new batch of young, curious Internet explorers appears to probe and search for new surreptitious means to circumvent firewalls and their access rules. How do students bypass a school firewall when they try?

Access Control and Freeware News

Downloading software on the Internet is a virus risk. Do you know where to download software safely? In this article, computer users will learn some important info about downloading software as well as receive tips and advice that can help mitigate the security risks when downloading from the Web.

Revo Uninstaller Review

A smart uninstaller is what most Windows users would like to have: a program that will remove any application without leaving a trace behind. Enter Revo Uninstaller: a free uninstaller for Windows.

WinPatrol 2009 Review: A Malware-Monitor for Windows

We all know that anti-virus, anti-spyware or anti-malware is not enough to prevent infection and critical changes on our system. In this review, I’ll write about WinPatrol, a malware monitor program that will not put your system into its knees and never have problem with other anti-malware program.

How To Lock Down The Network With Access Controls

Once your network is configured, you and your employees will start using it in a way which results in sensitive information residing on servers and workstations. The best way to protect this information is to control who can see or change it. This is where access control comes in.

Methods of Authentication

What are authentication methods? In order to protect the assets on your network, authentication methods you use is the number one defense you can take. This line of defense creates the first line of defense against malicious users.

Access Control Methods

Access Control Methods should be used by all system administrators. With security in today’s world, individual restrictions need to be applied to all roles and models on all forms of information used in businesses.

Logical Access Control Methods

Access Control Lists are methods of restricting access to files or folders. ACLs are put in place to restrict access to an individual object. If an individual request permission to gain access to a specific folder or file, the ACLs that are put in to place come into play.

Establishing a VPN with Linux – Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the fastest growing version of Linux. Setting up a VPN on Windows is a snap. By using wizards to setup these connections step by step, you will see that most Linux versions are more complex. Even experienced administrators often get confused on

Gbridge – An Alternate to your VPN

Need an alternate way to connect to a desktop or workstation securely? Gbridge offers a secure way to connect to a computer and backup, synchronize, chat or use the computer remotely. This freeware is great software that can be used to make these connections secure and productive.

Windows Server 2003 – VPN RAS Server

Windows Server 2003 is the ideal server for setting up a Remote Access Service for your internet or intranet. Businesses commonly overlook virtual private networks (VPNs) but they are a great way to provide encryption when transferring files and communic