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How-To Advice for Every MSN Member: Change Password

Barely a month goes by without news of yet more user data being hacked from companies that should know better. If you suspect your details might have been stolen, or are simply concerned about online security in general, regularly updating your Windows Live password is a step in the right direction.

Set Up and Use McAfee Antivirus Plus Access Protection

McAfee AntiVirus Plus is a new security suite that combines various functions such as virus scanning, firewall and Internet spyware protection technology. To shield your computer from malicious Internet traffic, malware and hackers, you can easily install and set up McAfee’s Plus suite.

Avoid Identity Theft on the Computer with Identity Finder

Data breaches occur because of insecure platforms and data. Identity theft on the computer also happens when it’s easily accessible by other users or attackers, locally or using remote computer. Learn how to protect your private information using Identity Finder 5.0.

How to Use Your Laptop Security Slot

Ever wondered if there is a way to keep laptop thieves at bay? Ever wished you had the means to safely lock your laptop for a couple of minutes while you are at a coffee house or a public library? Well there is a way. Read on to find out how.

How to Manage Your Motorola Wireless Modem Password

The ability to obtain the Internet from anywhere in the world is one of the reasons that Wi-Fi is so popular. There are several different devices that support wireless connections and one is that of a wireless modem. In this article, learn how to manage a Motorola wireless modem password.