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Arovax Shield: A Real-Time Malware Monitor

written by: Donna Buenaventura•edited by: Bill Bunter•updated: 2/4/2011

Want to monitor the areas in your PC which malware is known to make changes? Arovax Shield might be your answer. This article will describe how Arovax Shield will help in protecting your computer from malware.

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    What is Arovax Shield?

    Arovax Shield is a very simple to use security tool with real-time monitoring. What it monitors is the area in Windows and popular browsers that most spyware and malware will add entry or modify.

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    Installation and System Requirements

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    Installing Arovax Shield is an easy process but a reboot is required. It can be installed on Vista, XP and Windows 2000 systems. The test system does not have other browser except the pre-installed Internet Explorer. The program displayed two error alerts that say Opera and Firefox are not installed. The developer should update the program that will automatically detect which browsers are installed and not. A dialogue box will help also by prompting us to disable the protection for browsers that are not installed. This error alert will continue to display every time Arovax is started. Disabling the protection for Opera and Firefox will stop the error message.

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    What it protects and how it works

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    Arovax will protect the system by monitoring the following:

    • IE Hijacks
    • Browser Extensions (e.g. addition of toolbar or any browser helpers)
    • IE, Firefox and Opera cookies
    • Startup folder and auto-start items in Windows
    • File associations
    • Hosts file
    • Windows Policies

    Arovax Shield offers two monitoring mode: Manual or Automatic. In Automatic mode, Arovax will automatically block which is not recommended settings if a person is installing or updating the system or other applications. With Manual mode, every changes or addition in the system will prompt an alert. There are only two actions for you to use, Permit or Deny.

    Tip: Use the Automatic Mode in Arovax if you are not doing any changes in the system. This will prevent known spyware in its database to be blocked automatically. Tracking cookies is automatically blocked too. When installing update or programs, you should switch to Manual mode.

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    User Interface and Options

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    The UI of Arovax Shield is simple. Not much for you to worry because it’s a straight-forward program. There are 5 tabs in the program:

    1. Log – all activities by Arovax and what it monitors is displayed.
    2. Protection – this tab let you choose which area in Windows or which browser it should monitor.
    3. Settings – Configure the program to save the log or auto-start in Windows. You can also select here if you want Arovax to download their latest news about the program.
    4. Rules – If you are using Manual mode, all actions you selected will be in the rules tab as long as you asked it to create a rule so your choice is preserved when the same changes has been detected by Arovax. Think of firewall software where you create a firewall rule so the firewall will never block or allow what you asked it to permit or deny.
    5. Info – This tab will display whether you have the latest version of the program and all the news about the product.
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    Images of Arovax Shield's UI

    Log TabProtection TabSettings TabRules TabInfo TabActivity Logs
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    Price to Value

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    A useful tool – free of charge!

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    Arovax Shield definitely provides extra layer of protection. If you do not have similar tool yet, you should give it a try!

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