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Registration (5 out of 5)

IBM’s Lotus Greenhouse is an online community that allows for the collaboration of people and software. IBM’s introduction to Lotus Forms Turbo, Mashup Center, Websphere, Lotus iNotes, Quickr, Sametime Advance, Lotus Connections and more. This try it before you buy it is an awesome way to evaluate software and network with professionals. IBM is right on the money with this portal.

Registration is easy and fast. If you would like to evaluate this portal, go to IBM’s Lotus Greenhouse and register.

Online Software (5 out of 5)

This review of IBM’s software includes each of the following: Lotus Forms Turbo, Mashup Center, Websphere, Lotus iNotes, Quickr, Sametime Advance, and Lotus Connections.

Lotus Forms Turbo - A fast and easy way to create forms of all types. This software can create any imaginable form you can dream up. With more than a dozen templates, the software allows you to cusomize forms any way you want.

Lotus Mashup Center - Mashups are a new data integration application. The integration of databases to other online services such as Google Maps is a good example of a mashup. Intergrating data from one application to another creates a collage of programs that work together.

Websphere - Allows for e-business on demand and synchronizes servers and mission critical applications.

Lotus iNotes - is software that allows users to view and work in a Notes mail database. (Dominoes)

Lotus Quickr - is team collaboration software. This software allows you to collaborate with your online team.

Lotus Samtime - is an instant messaging center that collaborates corporate instant messaging and public instant messaging.

IBM’s software loaded flawlessly and was easy to use and navigate. This online software is an excellent resource for system administrators.

Performance (5 out of 5)

Limited to wireless internet connectivity which is sometimes just twice as fast as dial-up, each of the programs loaded relatively fast allowing me to do a basic evaluation within minutes. IBM’s Lotus Greenhouse is an excellent fast, easy and free way to look at and test drive their software. Kudos to IBM for creating such an excellent collaboration website.

IBM’s Lotus Greenhouse

Also check out Bluehouse -the code name for IBM’s software-as-a-service (SaaS).