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Scan for Spyware with an Internet Explorer Update

written by: •edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 7/6/2011

Getting rid of spyware can be tough, but Microsoft makes it easy by adding critical updates to scan for malicious software inside their Internet Explorer browser.

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    Spyware Protection with Windows Update

    Spyware is potentially everywhere, so it is important to have your PC’s defences shored up against this most potent of threats. With the potential for loss of personal information and more, you cannot take spyware lightly. Something must be done about it.

    Using an up-to-date version of Internet Explorer (IE) combined with the most recent security tools is a very good tactic, but if you’re stuck with older versions of the browser and no anti-spyware tools, you will need to take steps to clean things up.

    By installing a Windows critical update for IE, however, Windows will perform a spyware scan that will detect and remove any security problems on your PC.

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    Check for Updates

    Perform an IE Critical Update for Spyware Scan Checking for updates to Internet Explorer is your first step and this can be done by using the Windows Update tool on your computer.

    This is best accessed via Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update. By default, it is enabled to automatically download and install any updates your Windows version requires, but this can be disabled so you will need to check what updates are available as well as use the Check for updates option to find any new updates.

    In Windows 7 you can use the Windows Update screen to view how many updates are available. For instance if I have 3 updates listed, I can click the link 3 important updates are available in order to view the list of updates and select or deselect these for updating. Similar options are available in XP and Vista.

    If you have never previously run an IE critical update for spyware or any other threats you might find that this needs to be done.

    (Problems accessing Windows Update are addressed elsewhere on Bright Hub)

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    Install and Run the Updates

    Perform an IE Critical Update for Spyware Scan Installing your updates is easily done. When you have selected which ones to install (some might be quite large or irrelevant so you might choose to skip these for the time being) click Install Updates to begin the download and installation of the updates.

    This might take a little time, but you should stay in front of your PC in case any interaction is required.

    When the IE critical update for spyware scans your PC, you should have already exited all other programs in anticipation of your computer being restarted. This is done to check for and remove spyware that cannot be removed while Windows is running.

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    Upgrading Internet Explorer

    With the spyware scan complete, your IE critical update should be a success. Any threats will have been removed and you can now continue browsing normally and safely.

    If you were using Internet Explorer 6 or 7, you will have noticed in the Windows Update screen that a new version of the browser is available. You should use the tool to upgrade your browser to the most recent suitable version for your operating system in order to benefit from the improvements that Microsoft have introduced to enable safe and secure browsing.

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