Stop Spam Before It Enters With Spam Arrest

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An Overview of Spam Arrest (4 out of 5)

This software is developed by Spam Arrest LLC, and can be obtained at This software functions to protect the user’s inbox from receiving spam or unsolicited email. Therefore, the software will intercept any email from an address that is not on a list of approved email addresses.

The software can be obtained as a free individual or enterprise free 30-day trial from the Web site. There is no installation needed, but it does require configuration to take place using information from your POP mail server.

Once it has been configured, Spam Arrest is very straightforward to use. Advanced computer and Internet users should have their POP server name and login details to hand. Novice users can use the Client Configuration wizard to “detect their POP settings” and their computer to use Spam Arrest with other email programs such as Outlook and Eudora.

How It Protects (5 out of 5)

Since there is no software to use, after filling in the details of their email account and POP server settings, Spam Arrest will contact your POP server on a regular basis to download your email using their server. Spam Arrest will provide you with an email address and this can be used to send and receive email directly from contacts on your email list.

If the email is not from an approved address, it will be placed in an “unverified folder” until the user views and approves each email address. Anyone who is placed in the “unverified folder” is also sent an email confirming that their message was intercepted by Spam Arrest. The email will further outline the steps necessary for them to be approved.

Therefore, all email is stored in your one gigabyte Spam Arrest account and after entering your inbox, it will allow you to deny or confirm which email addresses should be placed on your authorization list.

In terms of anti-spam solutions, Spam Arrest requires minimum effort and is a “set it and forget it” solution to filtering out spam. It is able to efficiently block incoming spam messages, and the online interface is simple to understand. However, more advanced spammers can use commonly approved addresses to bypass Spam Arrest. There is a thirty-day free trial available, and after that the monthly cost is $5.95 or a little less than $50 for an annual subscription. If anyone is looking for a way to stop all spam from entering an inbox, Spam Arrest is an effective solution.