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Consumers Top 5 Antivirus Solutions for Mobile Users

written by: Daniel Brecht•edited by: Bill Bunter•updated: 5/11/2011

There are many protection services available for Mobiles. Here in the article are the top mobile anti-virus solutions today. I have listed 5 to choose from. See which one best suits your needs.

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    Who Needs an Anti-virus Product?

    Just as there is a need for an anti-virus solution for a standalone home or office PC, mobile customers are also vulverable to threats, such as spam, malware, phishing and fraud. So, for those users who already own or are in search of purchasing either a netbook, tablet, or laptop, they should consider installing an anti-virus solution (possible one of products that are listed below) to protect against the latest online threats.

    Advice: Find the one product that can provide antivirus updates (manually or automatic).

    Benefits: Since anti-virus software can guard against viruses (and other malicious content), everyone needs it (regardless of being a mobile user or not).

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    Top Products

    Article Image Kaspersky Mobile Security

    - It has many security features

    - It performs antivirus scans on demand or on schedule

    - Updates are done automatically via the Internet or during synchronization with a PC

    - It's compatible with Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 (Nokia) phones

    - It's available for $29.95

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    • Norton Smartphone Security

    - It protects against viruses and malicious threats

    - It scans, detects, and quarantines viruses, worms, and mobile spyware

    - It's LiveUpdate feature provides updated protection against potential threats

    - It supports Symbian® and the Microsoft® Windows Mobile® platforms

    - It costs $29.99

    Article Image F-Secure Mobile Security

    - It offers protection against the latest threats

    - It contains anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-theft features

    - It has real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware protection

    - It supports Symbian® and the Microsoft® Windows Mobile® platforms

    - It's priced at $39.95

    Article Image McAfee VirusScan Mobile

    - It has real-time protection against viruses, worms and spyware

    - It provides up-to-date protection

    - It will interact with McAfee for protection updates

    - It supports Microsoft® Windows Mobile® platforms

    - The cost is $39.99

    Article Image BullGuard Mobile Antivirus

    - It offers protection from mobile viruses

    - Installed automatically are Virus Definition Updates

    - It supports Symbian® and the Microsoft® Windows Mobile® platforms

    - It costs $39.95

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    Other Mobile Antivirus Solutions

    • ESET Mobile Antivirus

    - It scans all files for viruses

    - It detects and cleans known and unknown mobile malware

    - It supports Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ platforms

    - It costs $24.95

    See: ESET Mobile Antivirus Beta Review

    • BitDefender Mobile Security

    - It offers antivirus protection for mobile devices running Symbian™ or Microsoft® Windows Mobile™

    - It's able to protect mobile devices against malware

    - It provides for easy updates

    - It's affordable and costs $19.95

    • Trend Micro Mobile Security

    - It offers complete threat protection

    - It provides real-time virus/spyware scans

    - It's compatible with Windows Mobile and Symbian phones

    - Cost: $29.95

    Available Products:

    • Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0
    • Trend Micro Mobile Security 5.0 Standard
    • Trend Micro Mobile Security 5.0 Advanced

    Note: Each of the three products offers antivirus protection.

    Image credit: Mobile Security Software Review

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