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New Defenses Against the Most Advanced Hacking Threats Discussed with Patrick Park Part II

written by: •edited by: Bill Bunter•updated: 5/5/2010

Patrick Park, author Advanced Hacking Attacks, discusses what VOIP can offer for a small business

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    Benefits of VOIP Continued

    Patrick Park, author Advanced Hacking Attacks, continues to explain the benefits of VOIP for a small business

    * Phone portability

    -The legacy phone system assigns a phone number with a dedicated line, so you generally cannot move your home phone to another place if you want to use the same phone number. It is a common hassle to call the phone company and ask for a phone number update when moving to a new house. However, VoIP provides number mobility: The phone device can use the same number virtually everywhere as long as it has proper IP connectivity. Many businesspeople today bring their IP phones or softphones when traveling, and use the same numbers everywhere.

    * Service mobility

    -The context of mobility here includes service mobility as well. Wherever the phone goes, the same services could be available, such as call features, voice-mail access, call logs, security features, service policy, and so on.

    * Integration and collaboration with other applications -VoIP protocols (such as Session Initiation Protocol [SIP], H.323) run on the application layer and are able to integrate or collaborate with other applications such as e-mail, web browser, instant messenger, social-networking applications, and so on. The integration and collaboration create synergy and provide valuable services to the users. Typical examples are voice-mail delivery via e-mail, click-to-call service on a website, voice call button on an e-mail, presence information on a contact list, and so on.

    * User control interface

    -Most VoIP service providers provide a user control interface, typically a web GUI, to their customers so that they can change features, options, and services dynamically. For example, the users log in to the web GUI and change call forwarding number, speed dial, presence information (online, offline), black/white list, music-on-hold option, anonymous call block, and so on.

    * No geographical boundary

    -The VoIP service area becomes virtualized without geographical limit. That is, the area code or country code is no longer bound to a specific location. For example, you could live in South Korea but subscribe to a U.S. phone number, which makes it possible that all calls to U.S. become domestic calls (cheaper) even though you live in South Korea.

    * Rich features

    -VoIP provides rich features like click-to-call on a web page, Find-Me-Follow-Me (FMFM), selective call forwarding, personalized ring tones (or ringback tone), simultaneous rings on multiple phones, selective area or country code, and so on.